Crafting in HARP

The Craft Rules:

Crafting time:

Crafting Items with special material (superior metal/leather and magical metals)/improved/master workmanship bonus equals base item time + DB- or OB-MB (+ WB).

Example: Johnny wants to create a superior steel longsword, he has 23 ranks so he can also choose to make an improved workmanships quality longsword. The craft time would be 7 days (longsword base time = 4 days +2 (superior steel OB MB) +1 (Improved WB)).

Crafting normal items with normal material takes the same time as listed in the HARP rulebook in the equipment section. This amount of time is whats here referred to as “base item time.”

Extra or less time: Before crafting the crafter may state that he wants to use more days than necessary to create the weapon/armour. For each day beyond the base time needed he gets a +5 to his craft check, to a maximum of +30 for 6 days. These days are added to the base value of the time needed, and cannot be reduced, even with an exemplary success.

Exemplary success, means results of 111+ reduces the time used for crafting by the bonus column results divided by 5. The base time for creating items cannot normally be reduced, but extra days because of MBs or WBs can.

However an Improved Craftsman (20-39 ranks in relevant craft) can reduce the time needed to craft normal material items to half through exemplary success.

A Master craftsman (40+ ranks) can reduce time for normal material down to a minimum of 1 day, superior material to half, magical alloys to base item time.

The maximum one can reduce time by is 16 days; max result on the manoeuvre table is 301+ which gives a +80 in the bonus column, which divided by 5 is 16.

Example: Jim the Apprentice has 10 ranks in his Craft: Leather armour/working, he decides to use two extra days when crafting his Superior Leather shirt so his craft time is 10 days (6 for rigid leather shirt +2 extra days +2 for superior leather DB MB). If Jim gets a result of 150 on his very hard craft check (which is very unlikely) he would reduce the time from 10 days to 8 days, since he decided to take longer creating the shirt it will not be reduced further.

Example 2: Johnny the Smith has now decided to create a black alloy chain shirt (30 base item +4 black alloy DB MB +1 for improved WB) for a total of 35 days, it’s a hard manoeuvre so he decides to use 4 extra days, for a total of 39 days. Any final result over 111 on the manoeuvre table will reduce the time needed to craft down to a minimum of 34 days. After he is finished an adventurer comes and orders a normal steel chain shirt, so Johnny decides to just craft it straight away, base time is 30 days. He rolls well on his craft check, getting an open-ended roll, with a final result of 261, which is a +70 in the bonus column, dividing this by 5 results in 14 days being taken off the craft time, so in 16 days he has the chain shirt finished, much to the adventurers glee. Johnny could not have reduced it below 15 days, even with a result of 301+ and a +80 in the bonus column. Johnny’s master, Bob, on the other hand could, because he has 45 ranks in the relevant craft skill.




Normal steel/leather/materials Medium
Superior material Very Hard
Unusual organic material Is considered a sub-skill of weapon smithing/armour smithing for the bone/horn, shell/chitin, scaly dragon hides; and leatherworking for trollskin, spidersilk, heavy and medium monstrous hide and leathery/hides of younger dragons, at -40. These can of course be developed as a skill instead of the usual skill, at which the positions changes, normal metals/materials will then be considered a sub-skill and will be at -40.While there are not as many option when crafting with unusual organic material, it is less time consuming, as all one really needs is a sharp sword and a fair amount of courage. Whereas obtaining the metals/alloys could either involve a lot of gold or many slaves to mine the appropriate material.Example: Fred rolls an open-ended attack roll on the big and angry troll, thus killing it instantly by decapitation, skinning it takes but a sharp knife and some skill, whereas mining for superior material would involve prospecting, acquiring equipment, slaves/workers, guards, permission, tax etc.
Magical materials Option only open to master craftsmen (40+ ranks). See below. (Alternately anyone can attempt, but up difficulty level at least once or twice)

Craft difficulty for magical metals is considered dependant upon the metal:

Magical material:



Very Hard



Dwarvish steel

Very Hard (Hard for Dwarven smiths)

Elven steel

Very Hard (Hard for Elven smiths)


Very Hard






Very Hard






Very Hard (Hard for North-men if applicable (Aesir and Aesir-blooded)


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