Marksman Combat Style

Marksman Combat Style


With this style an archer can adjust the damage cap of his missile weapon up by 1 for every 5 ranks he has in this style, this does not in any way affect the size modifier for the weapon. One must have at least as many ranks in sniping and an appropriate missile weapon group as one has in this style.


2 thoughts on “Marksman Combat Style

  1. uhm… should it perhaps be 1:5 instead of 1:3? I’m just thinking that by having 30 ranks, the damage cap is adjusted by 10, which of course is the whole point, but then I’m wondering if thats too nice, too powerfull.

  2. This combat style is of course not really useful with the Hack&Slash combat system by ICE. It should be usable with the other combat systems, like the core rules and Martial Law (perhaps even the lastes introduced in, I think, HB#11 or #12).

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