Machina Faction (draft)

This is a developed sketch and modified draft. It is still not considered finished, and more play-testing remains. For now there ain’t much I can do, until I get comments, suggestions and feed-back from players and GMs alike.

Machina Faction.

An entity from another plane of existence in a symbiosis with another sentient being on this plane of existence, the implant is summoned through a ritual, which varies from entity to entity, and summoner to summoner. Usually the entity will take the form of a gauntlet, but from time to time it has happened that the entity encases the head, something which is painful but also much more potential, other times it has encased the upper body.

The growing of the gauntlet:

1st stage: The entity will settle into its host, causing sensory disturbance for the host; such as blurred sight for short periods of time, seeing from strange angle, like double-vision. It will slowly start consuming metal; any metal host touches will be slightly drained of various minerals. Thus it grows, but not showing and penetrating the skin. This will not affect equipment wielded, worn or in any way aiding the host, basically it feeds only when the host wants to. The entity will consume enough to stay alive by itself, but needs active feeding from the host to grow.

The entity has some control or effect on the host’s arm, thus it sometimes moves a bit more slowly, or when the host tries to hold it still. These are called tremors, some low penalty on skills (locks and traps, sleight of hands), stats (Agility/DEX) and certain situations should be applied. I would say -10 (HARP)/-20% (BRP: Physical, Manipulation, -10% perception and combat).

[The entity eats most things, but will be slow and selective in the beginning. It can consume larger objects, and any modifications added to it must be made on its surface, it is then slowly absorbed by the entity, thus the entity grow bigger, but will usually stop at a thickness of 1-2 inches, the hand of the gauntlet being bigger. The entity will not feed if satiated, i.e. no speed-grown gauntlets of doom, basically the idea is that it should not reach a new stage more than once per level (MAX), preferably more like every other or third level, depending on speed of leveling and plot. Whilst it is intended for PCs its also a plot device, if only to balance out the sheer amount of power this thing potentially represents. So GMs, you’re the entity and you decide when you’re hungry for stuff.]

2nd stage: After consuming a certain amount (varies to each entity, but I would say at least a few gold pieces worth of minerals, just to use some sort of comparative scale) of different minerals (common minerals/alloys would suffice, the cheaper and more common, the more stuff is needed), the entity will grow, and become more accustomed to the host. The host will have less tremors and disturbances (-5 penalty HARP/BRP: 10% physical, manipulation; -5% perception and combat). The entity will in the middle of this stage start to cover the host’s skin (no db I think, but if you use armour adjustment from ML, then of course this could be treated as chain or rigid leather for purposes of called shots), starting around the wrist and growing steadily up, usually stopping around the elbow. It will also start to cover the hand, but very slowly.

Suggested prereq on amount of minerals consumed: About 13 gold pieces (7 GC if RQII/Legend prices are used) worth of stuff like iron, steel, copper, bronze, any sort of hard and cool rock, thats fairly common. The entity will not consume too fancy minerals, as it needs to grow to be able to process and “digest” the more exotic and fancy stuff.

3rd stage: After more growth and consuming of minerals, the entity will be so immersed with the host, and can coordinate it efforts perfectly. Thus the host gain the talent Ambidexterity (HARP. For BRP this makes the character ambidextrous, off-hand attacks are no longer Difficult).

Suggested prereq on amount of minerals consumed: About 40 gold pieces (20 GC if RQII/Legend prices are used) worth of common to maybe slightly uncommon stuff.

The entity will not consume too fancy minerals, as it needs to grow to be able to process and “digest” the more exotic and fancy stuff.

4th stage: growing more and now covering the hand and knuckle-area, the entity can empower the arms of the host, giving them a +2 to the strength bonus (HARP), +1 STR (BRP). Also the host can perform an attack with the gauntlet, an entity attack; 50 OB (plus hosts St/Ag modifiers), small impact. BRP: This is somewhere in between a natural attack and a power, at [Punch] plus POW; on a special success: Crushing. Damage: 1d6+db. Length: Short. (PP cost: ?)

Suggested prereq on amount of minerals consumed: About 120 gold pieces (60 GC if RQII/Legend prices are used) worth of slightly uncommon to uncommon and slightly rare stuff.

The entity will not consume too fancy minerals, as it needs to grow to be able to process and “digest” the more exotic and fancy stuff.

5th stage: the gauntlet now starts to cover the fingers, and painfully immersing itself with the hand (-5 penalty and ambidex is temporarily not in effect [HARP]. -10% and off-hand attacks are again DifficultBRP). With a craft: clockwork/machina faction the first modification is added, guided by the entity’s knowledge, a Light Craft skill check (HARP), a Technical: Clockwork/Machina faction check (BRP), the gauntlet grows and evolves, starting to create what is to be long mechanical fingers. At first they’re just long stiff metal blades, giving the gauntlet attack a small slash instead of impact, the OB is now 70 + St/Ag (HARP). a natural attack power at: [punch] + POW +10%; on a special success: Bleeding. Damage: 1d6+db. Length: Short (BRP).  The impact attack is still possible, but OB/% as of Stage 4.

Suggested prereq on amount of minerals consumed: About 360 gold pieces (180 GC if RQII/Legend prices are used) worth of uncommon and rare stuff.

The entity will not consume too fancy minerals, as it needs to grow to be able to process and “digest” the more exotic and fancy stuff.

6th stage: The gauntlet’s fingers are now at such a length that they gain flexibility, and the host can control the gauntlet like his own hand, by just moving his fingers. This is a perfect synchronisation, even down to very minute movement. The strength modifier for the arms is now +4 (HARP); +2 (BRP). It can do a small grapple attack, small slash, small impact attacks with 100 OB + St/Ag (HARP); [Punch] + POW +20%; on a special success: Entagling (grapple) OR Bleeding OR Crushing (chosen before attack roll is made). Damage: 1d6+db. Lenght: Medium. To gain this stage the entity needs a lot of heavy minerals, i.e. gold, led, and other heavy minerals. It also needs a modification, Craft: clockwork/machina faction, a hard manoeuvre (HARP); Technical: Clockwork/Machina Faction check at Hard difficulty. The entity will tell the character what to assemble, and also give guidelines to how it should be done.

Suggested prereq on amount of minerals consumed: About 1100 gold pieces (550 GC if RQII/Legend prices are used) worth of heavy minerals, fancy minerals.

The entity will not consume too fancy minerals, as it needs to grow to be able to process and “digest” the exotic stuff.

7th stage: The gauntlet needs two more modifications before it can proceed from this stage to the next. The gauntlet needs lots of different minerals it will also demand a certain organic or magical mineral/substance which it needs. Then a series of craft/technical manoeuvres must be made (see table below for mods).

Suggested prereq on amount of minerals consumed: About 3250 gold pieces (1625) GC if RQII/Legend prices are used) worth of exotic and magical stuff.

Mods: Description: Difficulty:
1 The gauntlet gains defensive capabilities, and can be used as a normal shield, giving trained DB, the entity is actually controlling the shield and so the host gains shield-training talent for use of the gauntlet as a shield. (HARP). The gauntlet has the protective capabilities of a half-shield. Since its controlled by the entity, the parry skill is at 50%, if host has shield skill, its counts as complimentary to this 50%. Extremely Hard/Difficult
1a The defensive capabilities of the entity grows, now giving the protection as a wall shield (HARP)/Kite shield (BRP). Sheer Folly/Very Difficult
2 The gauntlet gains even finer tool functions, being able to work on the thoughts of the host, therefore being able to do the actual work for the host, thus giving a +40 bonus (HARP)/+30% bonus (BRP) to further craft checks involving clockwork, machina faction, inscribing runes, filigree checks, and similar. Very Hard/hard
3 The gauntlet gains the ability to change size. The host can at will decrease the size of it, to almost completely hidden; the fingers being retracted, and the gauntlet looks more like a bit exotic piece of armour. Very Hard/hard
3a The gauntlet can now gain Medium size for it’s attacks, getting the possibility to grow as well as shrink (HARP). Attacks of the gauntlet have increased damage: 1d8+db. Prereq: 3 must be taken before this mod. Very Hard/hard
3b The gauntlet gives the host the Iron Grip talent. Prereq: 3a (HARP). No equivalent in BRP (perhaps a one-step die increase in db for gauntlet weapon?). Hard/Difficult
4 The host can attune the gauntlet to a certain attack type, increasing the size for one of it’s attacks (to large) while removing another (HARP). One type of attack gets increased damage: 1d10+db, length: medium. n/a
4a 1st variation: Primary: Slash; Secondary: Impact; Removed: Grapple. Extremely Hard/Very Difficult
4b 2nd variation: Primary: Grapple; Secondary: Slash; Removed: Impact. Very Hard/Difficult
4c 3rd variation: Primary: Impact; Secondary: Grapple; Removed: Slash Sheer Folly/Very Difficult -10%

Craft time for mods and the required craft checks for moving to new levels should be at least a couple of days of continuous work, also, this cannot be paused, once the process has started, it should not stop for other things than sleep, food and other needs of the host body. If a pause is required, due to unforseen consequenses, such as being attack by the ninja assassins of killing aberrations, then all benefits of the entity is temporarily nullified and the host cannot use the gauntlet or the arm for anything useful, until such time as the mods/craft has been completed (I think the process should restart after each pause). Attacks and action performed under these circumstances are at a penalty of -15 to -30, depending on what seems best in the given context (HARP; in BRP attacks and actions are Difficult).

Related stuff: The entity can, at later stages, or perhaps on stage 7, though I would think later, give knowledge about lost (i.e. pre-old-old-old-old-pre-old stuff) goodies to the host. Like for example the fearsome metal hurling Novlag.


9 thoughts on “Machina Faction (draft)

      1. I think you should probably stick the logo up on here somewhere. 😛
        Yeah is cool. What about psychological effects and drawbacks the little beasty comes with i dotn think we’ve gone into that. Also are symbiots only compatible with the dodgy ancient clones ala twitch (L.Lusfer), are we keeping the Counter Clock Resonator idea (perhaps a name change)? ie. do players start with the gauntlet or do they have to summon the interdimensional entity via a place like twitch did. Perhaps a DP cost to start with it? Ill dig out my notes on it and well scratch it out.

      2. well.
        As for psychological effects, I have thought of none… but lets say the symbiots are only compatible with the dodgy Lucius Lusferatu & co, then there should be no reason to go into great detail about that… if on the other hand anyone could potentially be bonded to one of these creatures, then we should perhaps look at some psychological side effects. Whether these will have direct effect on game mechanics, or just demand roleplaying from the players I’m not sure… but sometimes its fun to force players into doing shit they don’t enjoy 😀

        As for starting with the bug-symbiot in place or having to summon it, well, summoning could be cool, they could have their own ritual. This could be G discretion I think, both should be possible. Especially if the symbiotic-bug-shit is also compatible with humans (and perhaps even some of the other races). They would not start with the gauntlet, the bug-thing grows into a gauntlet by being fed shit and stuff.

        There could of course be a talent that enables the character (of whichever race) to be compatible… DP cost something like 15 or 20… if wanting to start with the gauntlet (in some configuration) I suggest a DP cost of at least 30.. if not more.

        The Counter Clock Resonator or Generator or whatever it was called could be kept, although I’m not sure spook ever told me what the thing was for or what it could do… we could make it into some mythological artefact of doom…

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