Some history from Kotani

North-western Kotani Continent


Nothing about the world before the Great War is known, no facts at least. People speak of a time of happiness, greatness, peace and prosperity. No one knows for a fact what happened. Some even claim that in this period of perfection there lived other mysterious races alongside humans. Though since none of these races, now classified as mythical, have shown themselves for as long as anyone can remember, they are by all but the most knowledgeable considered myths, bedtime stories and such. Even those who are sure about their existence are unsure what happened to them.

In the land around Luciat and all the way to the forest of Cumari, and south to Chelibar and east towards Narjannast these races are considered nothing but myths and spooks.

Though some of the elders claim there is some truth in the old legends and stories.

After the Great War, there was not peace. What happened was that the major faction within the war fell apart, alliances broke and the war turned into many smaller and widely spread wars. Many soldiers deserted, many of the mercenary armies were either relieved of their service, or they left their employers.

A few companies remained in service though, amongst them the Teranti company, which history stretches as far back as before the beginning of the Great War, and that is longer back than anyone knows. With little accuracy the Great War is said to have at lasted for more than 1000 years, though if this is true or not, is unknown. What is known is that none of the old empires or kingdoms still remains, not in this part of the world. After the Great War, which end is impossible to pinpoint exactly, there were wars among the lesser lords, but most cultures and societies had had enough of war, and the retreated back to their cities, or remains thereof, and started rebuilding, and a few decades after the end of the GW trade started again between some of the smaller towns and villages, later some of the cities started trading. 500 years post GW Lord Demrod Bendheart and his host arrived in these lands, upon the ruins of an old unnamed city he rose Luciat, he said he would bow to no king, and he would be king but for his city and those who wanted his protection. He built and fought for 7 years, at the end of this period he had secured Luciat and its immediate surroundings. He soon started trade, and started to rebuild the old harbour of the old city that Luciat stood upon. And some years after that, the first ships arrived from the northern towns and cities for trade. Since that Luciat prospered.

In year 951 AGW, Lord Demrod Bendheart’s descendant and heir, Irano Bendheart died of old age, his wife had died some 19 years earlier. Their offspring, Nimael Bendheart took over his rightful place, as lord of the city, continuing were his father let off. At this point Nimael was 19 years old.

Throughout his 20 year long reign, he has encountered many of the same old problems as his ancestors did, but in recent years, the troubles and issues have become more frequent and varied.

Lately he has hired a mercenary company called the Teranti Company, to act out as local law enforcement. They are in addition to Luciats City-Guard, and they number less, though their expertise is what makes them so good, especially against organised crime.


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