more people more stuff?

The co-creator has now registered, still waiting for the second contributor though.


Here’s a link to a nifty take on spells and spheres.



So hopefully, something more will be posted soon. I have my final exam next monday, so after that things will perhaps speed up a bit.


8 thoughts on “more people more stuff?

  1. I cannot contain my excitement. It’s all coming together like the moist coagulations found at the bottom of my kitchen sink.
    let there be fleshhhhh.

  2. Well, both of you should now be able to post on this site… which was my general idea anyways… I see that mister parsonsmad has posted on his own blog… anyhew. nice of you both to join.

  3. dudes. if you guys want a more interactive way of communicating, outside the posts here, which is similar to both email and chatting and shit, I have invites for google wave, which is pretty nifty stuff actually. tell me if you want. it is beard.

      1. surf it?

        I have sent invite. its pretty beard communication-thingy. you can post text, embed films, images and files.. its pretty good 🙂

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