Ghorz Introduction

The world of Pentarus, as we have come to know of it through excavations and reclamation of ancient wisdom, is a large globe suspended in a large void, it is encircled by five heavenly bodies. These lunar orbs or moons are what our priests refer to as the Pentioc, the physical manifestation of the five gods who guide us in our divine duty.

Our duty to steward Pentarus out of the chaotic past to dispel its mysterious and unite its wayward people under our banner of enlightenment and reasoning. From ancient texts we have divined that it has been but nine hundred and ninety years since the end of the Great War which devastated the legacy of our predecessors. Civilization has been reborn, the cities of our nation flourish and our explorers make contact with new lands every passing year. Truly we have seemingly impossible task before us to unite these fractious and disparate savages under the banner of Ghorz. However, our gods, science and armies are the mightiest in the known world. We will endeavor, We will endure, we shall succeed. This world shall be ours.

Extract from Treatiez Memorandun by

Tyrius, Grand Sage of Ghorz

Pre-Barrier Text’ Taken from the Great Archives of Ghorz

To find the path to truth I must start from the beginning

It began with nothing.
An endless void.
It was from within this void the Gods emerged,
both they and the void were the products of higher law beyond the ken of all,
by who all above all is governed.
I know it as the Perpetuum.

The five Gods gazed into the void and as it is was their nature

It was given a name.
The voids perfection was spoilt,
It was no longer nothing,
It was named and began to take shape,

become aware.

The void turned on the gods and tried to rid itself of their presence and its name.
Doing so would return the void to nothing and bring it peace.
The Gods defended themselves yet could not best the overwhelming power of the void, which gnawed and tore at them.
They conspired to invest a part of their immortal souls into the weaving of creation,
A place that was not void, where they could rest and be for a time free from pursuit, a barrier of space and time.
The weaving commenced and the void threw itself at the Gods creation,
The eternal struggle began.
The Gods losing more and more of their essence in weaving creation while the void growing stronger devouring it.
That is until we were created,

Our essence at least
Mortal essence was a factor unforeseen by the Gods,
Who, in their weakened state were far from omnipotent,

Becoming engines of creation,

Never knowing truly what they weaved.

It was the mortal essence that saved creation,
When mortal essence pooled in creation it merged and split and in doing so created more essence without relying on any more divine investment.
In fact essence could return to the gods and when a sufficient amount had done so,

The gods awoke from their torpor.

And so when the Gods realized what they had created in their hibernation we, our essence was harvested on a cosmic scale.
The Gods encouraged the essence to pool and multiply in vast quantities gathering it periodically to maintain creation and to grow stronger themselves.
Once they had enough power to safely continue the weaving of creation and fend of the void they turned to the mortal essence remaining and blessed it or shall I say them.
The mortal essence became the mortal soul,

The Gods created Pentarus and its moons and all else that lay within creation.
They placed the mortal souls upon Pentarus and gave them form in which to live and die in what was to be their paradise, the Gods also gifted to them a tiny fraction of the divine power over creation. Magick.
With this power to shape creation great wonders and horrors have been achieved,
Yet regardless of what we do every thousand years on the night of the celestial alignment the gods impart their gift,
That is, until tonight.

We have gone one step to far,
What we have done is wrong,
History will tell you the rest of that I am sure.
What is important is what I have discovered,
This knowledge will let you of the future know that there is a law beyond that of our own and of the gods and of the void,
To understand it is to transcend from the greed that got us to this point,
While I can I will depart to walk this path one day you may find me.


This document should be destroyed before the next senate review. Imagine what the repercussions of something like this getting out into the public, let alone what it will do to the war effort against Tremine. You have my full permission to use whatever force necessary to extract the document from the great archives and to dispose of it. Do not fail, and do not return, your life and service to me are over. You have a been a faithful servant and a good friend Alstoir.


Letter to Commander Alstoir Verbolhm

from Tyrius, Grand Sage of Ghorz


3 thoughts on “Ghorz Introduction

  1. is it only on my screen that the text in that nice font is all weird and small and unreadable?

    otherwise nice stuff. I’ve added categories for flavour text, and also the continents of Doran and Ameron.

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