These eyes of mine have seen the sun set on the lands of Danuhn for over two centuries now. You ask how a man such as I have achieved this feat? How I have managed to win a victory over the sands of time?

You obviously have no idea who I am, allow me to enlighten you: I am Mudagu.

Capitol: Da’Nuhn

Cities: Da’Nuhn, Te’Nahn, Go’kuhn

Villages: na’lehn, Ti’rohn, Ro’mek, an’teh, Spa’ruhn

Ruler: The Serpent Empress (The God Empress)

Religion:       Ghedra (Snake Godess), Tharloss (Spider Godess),  Arnez (Eagle God)

Other Religions:              Various

Imports:                     Wood

Exports:                     slaves, precious stones and metals

Cultures:                     Urban, Nali, Rural, nomadic, tribal.

Da’nuhn, the southern gem, home of the sand seas and the deadly jungles of Reh’na’lah. The country is the whole of the southern peninsula of Kotani, although the whole is not united as one. Albeit all pay tribute to the Snake Throne, at least on the surface. The western part is what is in actuality the country controlled by the God Empress, this is where all the cities are, the city Da’nuhn itself is placed more or less in the middle, with river connecting it to the serpent bay and the port city of Te’nahn to the north. Go’Kuhn is on the south-western shores. In between is a long stretch of sand dunes where small nomadic tribes and some towns and villages can be found.

In the east the desert goes over into barren lands and hilly mountains, before reaching the jungle Reh’na’lah, which even futher east connects to Nadu Lila.


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