“As we came upon a hilltop I looked westward and in the distance I could again see the great sea, but this a different sea than the one I left so many moons ago. Around us I saw ruins of some old town or city, so little remained that it was impossible to determine what make it was how big it had been or who had lived here and how long ago. Looking back east I saw all my folk spread out, making camp about the ruins. We had lost so many over these last few months, but passing by cities always seemed to attract more followers, whilst loosing some. We numbered somewhere around three thousand souls, plus my men-at-arms and hired mercenaries. So close to four thousand souls. That would be enough to build, protect and supply a city. It was that evening, at supper time, that I made my proposal to my wife and officers, and against their advice addressed the people and founded My city, Our city.”
-From the journals of Lord Demrod Bendheart

Founded by Demrod Bendheart of Narjannast, Luciat is a city-state far to the west and north of Narjannast and the eastern shores of Kotani.

Luciat a sizeable city, holds up to around 500.000 inhabitants inside its city-walls, with many many more just outside in what is knowns as the shanty town.
Luciat has been divided into sectors, the construction work has just recently been finished, between each sector there are check points, passing through most of them is no problem, but a few require papers, especially into the warehouse districts and the wealthier neighbourhoods.
Luciat’s docks and harbour is located about 2 miles or so west of the city, a siezeable town now, yet dependant upon Luciats protection and trade. The harbour itself has been walled, with one main gate facing east to the city, and two smaller gates, one to the north and one to the south. It is patrolled by a few Ternati, but mostly it is kept safe by the new recruits from Bendheart’s new City Guard.

The area between the harbour and the city has been fully settled, all the ruins either removed or used as foundations for new buildings. This area is filled with travellers and poor people. It is patrolled, but the Towns guard, a motley crew of seamen and volunteers armed with clubs and daggers, can hardly be trusted. Most can be bribed, in fact most expect to be. Most inhabitants have to pay for protection, this has led the wealthier of the inhabitants, mostly tavern owners, to go together and form a sort of town council. They have managed to recruit some of the Town guard to work on their behalf, and there is currently a small-time war or conflict going on between the Council of Inns and Towns Guard, in addition there are many gangs of thieves and robbers who fight each other, but small alliances are forming, to prepare for the winner of the conflict between the Council and the Guard.

The area has become known as the Mid Town, it has no walls and has been mostly ignored by the Teranti and Bendheart and his council. The recent criminal activity and the small-time war has come to the attention of Bendheart, but with so many changes and plans in progress there is little he can do. He quietly supports the Council of Inns, but there is little resources he can supply them with.

Lord Nimael Bendheart, the current ruler, has formed the City Guard, trained by the Teranti, to patrol the city markets, guard at the outer city walls and keep law and order within the city walls, for the time being lead by Teranti officers.

The Outer and Inner Cloister and the Rethorus; the power centre in Luciat, is patrolled and guarded by the Hawk’s Guard, the elite and official guards of Lord Bendheart himself.

Trade is good for the city, relations are good with Nuamci to the north and trade has picked up with Be’lak. The southern towns and villages has also started more frequent trade with Luciat. In the bay of luciat ships come and go daily, travelling north, south and westward.

With this new rise in activity, the surrounding country side has become perilous for travellers, as bandits and raiders has started highway robbery of the rich and poor alike. Within the city and the immediate surrounding areas people are somewhat safe from these raiders, but the city’s crime element seems to have become more organised and bold. Bendheart and his council has tried to strike down on this, but so far with little effect. This has lead to the Teranti now being given the mandate to hunt down not just thieves and cut throats, but also petty criminals like pick pockets and scavengers. This has led to some harassment of even honest merchants, as well as swindlers and quacks. Much to the ire of the wealthy merchants and businessmen. Even some nobles are becoming fed up with the persistence of the Teranti and Bendheart. Most common folk on the other hand take the good with the bad, more strict guards and the occasional curfew is considered a small price to pay, for safer streets.

“Luciat is the northern most metropolis on Kotani. It houses somewhere around one hundred thousand individuals within its city walls, and another forty thousand or so outside, most of which can be found along the four mile long harbour, adjacent to the Bay of Luciat. Luciat sits on the western edge of the plains between Narjannast and the western seas, it rests on a hill top, looking down on to the Bay of Luciat, a small basin connecting to the main sea further north and west. Luciat was founded hundreds of years ago by Demrod Bendheart, a nobleman exiled from Narjannast. His city grew rapidly and trade has been good, connecting the northern city-states with the sea and the south, and also some city-states to the east by way of Be’lak.”

-Royal Chronicler Palpus Quir

Luciat Factions


Nimael Bendheart – dictator (rules by right of heritage)

The ruling council 13 members:

1. Lady Reihna Uyari (elected)

2. High Lord Quitahl Bloodmoon (permanent member by heritage)

3. Lord Wilher Uhmuri (elected)

4. Lord Karai Torran (elected)

5. High Lord Andar Suntear (permanent member by heritage)

6. High Lord Torn Rockrift (permanent member by heritage)

7. Merchant Lord Iranu Steephill (elected)

8. Merchant Lord Ytanar Oruqai (elected)

9. High Lady Gwena Windthorn (permanent by heritage)

10. Merchant Lady Turee Porani (elected)

11. Merchant Lady Elaina Naheer (elected)

12. High Lady Morina Thunderspear (permanent member by heritage)

13. Lady Norinth Penla

 This is the ruling body of Luciat. Whilst Bendheart’s will is law, most laws and reforms are discussed with his council. The last year has also seen the addition of one more member, although not holding an official position, the captain of the Teranti is present during most, if not all, sessions of the council. His responsibility being the security and safety of the city makes his thoughts and advise on most reforms important.

Other factions in the city that have some limited political power are:

1. The Merchants guild (with four representatives this term)

2. The Artisans Guild (includes smiths of all kinds, masons and more. Most of the old guilds have been implemented, the main exception being the merchants guild).

3. The Guild of Taverns (although not having large impact, their opinions and issues are usually taken into consideration, as they are the ones who give the people beer and circus so to speak).

4. The Artist Guild (is all but powerless, but they are, without exception the most vocal of the guilds).

5. Thieves Guild (whilst it doesn’t officially exist, the Teranti and the newly created city guard know of them, and some deals have been struck, to keep the city in order).

6. Assassins Guild (are publicly denied, and even in the council there is serious doubt as to the existence of this guild, especially if there is a guild house in Luciat or near by.)

7. The Underground Fighting Guild (again a guild not publicly acknowledged, it does exist, having and underground arena somewhere outside Luciat. Rumours have it that Bendheart hires particularly successful fighters.).


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