Odan (Draft)

“I am Loki Oak a Man of the North as I am sure you must have guessed. Send me a fine flagon of ale and I may spin you a tale of my homeland. It is a land of beauty and I would not change it for all the gold and jewels you southern men could offer. No lad the only jewels I desire are those created by first winter’s frosts and the only gold I seek is that of the suns rays upon the endless fields of snow in the spring.
Though some may call it a wasteland and others certain death, it breeds men of strength men like me whose hearts burn as fiercely as the northern cold and any who would to challenge this claim I will gladly grind to dust with my war hammer yet in truth I would to prefer to just drink you under the table”
–Loki Oak

Odan is the northern lands of Kotani. A months travel by horse and cart from Luciat will bring you to Crag Keep, the southernmost settlement of the Odan. To the east lies the Torum mountains, a chain of mountains stretching to the eastern sea, far to the north and far to the south. Crag Keep guards one of the very few roads or paths leading further north, as some ancient geological or godly force has elevated the northern reaches like a plateau. Two other paths north are known, one by sea and one far east through the Torum mountains.

“About three weeks after leaving Luciat:
The northlands are so damned cold. So immensely cold. How can there even live people up here?
Several days after last entry:
A town, or something. A fort I’m told. Here we can rest and recuperate. and get some warm clothes. Crag Keep is the name the locals have of the place.”
–From the diary of Willem Lafayhe of Ghorz

This southern part of Odan is populated by clans ruled by earls in earldoms varying in size. Wars do break out, but they are all allied against any aggression from any southern forces, and mostly peace reign as the different earls will settle disputes through clanmeets or similar gatherings. The south-odani are herdsmen, woodsmen and farmers who live in small communities. They’re practical and stout, strong and tall compared to what they refer to as southerners, meaning anyone not Odani.

Furhter north, what may be called mid-Odan, the clans become more like tribes and semi-nomadic, hunting and gathering food more than farming, though the occasional and seasonal farmsteads can be found abandoned during the long harsh winters. Few tribes, or clans, have permanent settlements, yet far to the north of this territory you find Frostheim one of the few permanent outposts of these northern mid-odani. Its located near hot-springs, close by the Torum mountains. Other hot-springs exists, even further north where the north-odani lives. These hotsprings serves are farmlands and places for clanmeets during war, disputes or when other hardship strikes the clans. The north-odani are nomadic and tribal, hunting the giant icebears and frostruses of the northern plateaus of the Everice. The most northern tribes seldom travel as far south as Frostheim, living secluded and isolated lives among the ice and creatures of the north.

“Frostheim, my home, was built where Mother Frost gave birth to her son Oban, grandfather of Odan. Oban was the lifegiver, the river born by the break of the long spring, when the snows of Torum melted and small rivers combined into one; Oban. The father of Oban was the chain of mountains Torum who gave the means of Frost to unite.”
–Bran Vargson of the Frost Vargs.

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