well, after having fallen into a well of silliness (I have hardly touched any rpg-related book in months and lack of an rpg stimulating social environment), I have now suddenly rekindled some old candle of energy, and have tapped into the rpg-side of my head.

I have updated two posts, the Machina Faction and the Stonehewn.

The Stonehewn edit has mainly been more text on their description. Not much new stuff, but there are some stuff there that gives a glimpse into stuff to come.

The Machina Faction edit is a bit more extensive, and I have put the existing stages down into, slightly, more understandable mechanics.

Also there are some more info and suggestion on how that particular powerful concept could or should be handled, in addition to more text in general, clarifying stuff and making the whole thing less vague. The document is still centered around the entity mainly being in the form of a gauntlet, I have yet to think of proper and cool other stuff. Suggestions are welcome.

Some other stuff have been edited too I think, since last time. and of course stuff has been added, but I care not for making a list. Just browse. I should also mention that some documents overlap categories, silly I know, but it makes sense to me.



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