Tenqain Templars

The Tenqain Templars is an organisation of knights and warriors, seeking out and destroying magic wielders. Their main base of operation is unknown to all but their most trusted allies and officers. They have cells in most larger cities on Kotani, and likely around the world.

In Luciat they stay hidden, as Bendheart sees them as a paramilitary group no better than religious fanatics, and there is no room for that kind of people in Luciat.

The templars originate from the eastern shores of Kotani, most likely Narjannast. Here they walk freely and openly, seeking out witches and warlocks wherever they can find them, killing most, and torturing all they find, be they magic users or just poor victims of social injustice.

The Tenqain Templars believe magic to be the downfall of civilization, of morals, ethics and the natural way of life. They believe in no god as such, but they have what one could call patron saints, which are the founding members of the order and other members of significance that has been part of the organisation since its founding, many hundreds of years ago. Some templars, and in fact all the founding members, know how to wield magic, their repertoire is not big, and they are limited to these spells on the pain of death. The spells they wield are only useful in tracking down mages, protection against magic and of killing and capturing magic users (list to come, most likely guild spells, no particular circle).

Considering the scarcity of magic and most peoples disbelief in and/or lack of knowledge of it, has led some scholars to believe that the templars are funded and controlled by a different force all together, not looking out for the best of mankind, but rather preventing the natural progression of the natural order of Pentarus. Similarly these same speculate that the templars are not of so recent origins as most believe.


3 thoughts on “Tenqain Templars

  1. Oooh they sound very interesting. Just the kind of group that Ghorz would be very eager to support. Which if it becomes the case would make them very dangerous indeed.

    1. who knows, perhaps sub-faction or group within the order is funded by Ghorz… even working for them. I have some ideas for the thing, but there is certainly a possibility for cells going “rogue” so to speak, doing whatever they want. As for now, they’re armour wearing sword wielding men with a bit too zealous mindset. I will first off develop their cell in and around Luciat, as this is what I need for the campaign, but as things move on I might develop a bigger hierarchy and organisation/guild. I have some beardy evil ideas of who’s actually in control though, but of course, there’s gonna be splinter groups and infighting going on. but some funding from Ghorz is good idea. Which reminds me that Luciat needs some update on their relations with the flying city crazees, mainly magic, but perhaps some tech too.

      Could you post more stuff on ghorz and shit, if you have it? I’d love to see more stuff, because it seems that the world is developing in a direction I’m not aware of 😉 and I’d like to make adjustments to make it all fit in.

  2. I’ve been thinking about training packages for this organization/guild. I’m thinking of using the guidelines for guild TPs for this, which would include some spells. Also, I think they should be incremental, meaning that by picking a starting TP, one can continue along different paths, unlocking new spells, and giving bonuses to different skills, and perhaps granting certain talents.

    My ideas is the basic apprentice/wannabe for starters, maybe having one for the more arms related and one for more towards stealth, then moving in different directions with spells and skills. Towards the beardy Warrior Templar and Knight Templar on the one side, being beary warriors in armour with big swords and helmets. On the other side you can have the more clerical and scholarly types, and of course the assassin suicide squads.. and of course, they need spies and undercover agents for areas where they are unwanted and/or even hunted.

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