a new city-state in the works and some stuff to-do!

Tel’saris is the newest addition to the Kotani continent. It’s being written in Norwegian so translations will have to be done before posting.

In short it’s a city state based on war, a religious war some hundred years ago. It’s governed by a powerful king and aristocracy, but the power behind these is a monotheistic religious order (working title is for them and their God is “Tenq”). The city is divided into of three separate parts surrounding a y-section of a big river running through a canyon in a big desert (these three parts are separate and connect only through immense bridges that are suspended far above the river). It is located north of the Da’nuhn peninsula, north of Nadu Lila, east of the Khanzastani lands and south west of Qein, Badri’Jurat and Narjannast. The city is completely isolated with a lot of prejudice towards foreigners, high taxes which is the main source for income, as trade caravans must go through the city if going to or coming from Da’nuhn and the northern lands.

Fluff is that it’s possibly the origin of the Tenqain Templars, although the templar order is too big to be controlled from there. The city is built upon and inside a very old city. The outer walls and the tower in the centre are pretty damn old and are still standing and beard. The tower is the high seat of the religious order. It is rumoured that beneath the tower, far underground, is a vast library, a collection of knowledge of incomparable size. There’s more, but I can’t and shouldn’t give away all the fun just yet.

Luciat and the Threel are still on the immediate to-do list, the former having to wait until my last exam next week, at which point both Luciat and Tel’sair will be on the top of the list. The latter having to wait until more play and play-testing has been done, which probably means some time in the autumn, unless I have some very productive weeks before I go to the UK in mid-June (where I will meet up with the co-creator and more stuff will be settled and developed – hopefully). In mid-july I will resume work on Pentarus whilst also working at the hospital. Mid-august term starts again, so then I should have at least prepared a campaign and some solid ground work for continued development-by-play.

The Stonehewn is being developed more in relation to the Tel’sair city-state, which is going to be interesting, I might have to make some stats soon.



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