Combo Bar Talent (Draft)

A little something I’ve been meaning to put up for a while cobbled together from bits and piece I have written down here and there and a few new ideas. Needs testing and examples of use…

Combo Bar – 30dp

The character can push his body beyond its limits for a short time linking sprints, leaps and bounds to perform death defying feats of agility and powerful, extravagant attacks

The player’s combo bar is equal to his total agility and quickness bonuses doubled and may be used for as many rounds as half their total constitution bonus.

The player proposes a feat and the gm must give them the total amount of rounds it will take to execute taking into account these actions. THIS IS ADJUDICATED BY GM A PLAYER MAY NOT ELECT TO WALK UP A WALL TO GET MORE ROUNDS WORTH OF BONUSES.

Eg: Thomas wishes to have his character sprint towards his opponent, run along a wall, leap off it and attack.

The character then decides how many points he wishes to invest in his first action and roll. Adding his total bonus to his next roll and so on, the player may spend combo bar on all his actions up to the attack or final manoeuvre only the bonus. These rolls take into account all penalties appropriate to normal manoeuvres.

A combo bar is replenished after a full rest of 8 hours (4 hours if relevant)

Combo Bat may not be used in conjunction with fate points.

Bonuses Lost if interrupted, blocked, or target is changed.

Player loses number of EP equal to CBP used

Advanced Combo Bar – 20dp (requires Combo Bar)

The character can perform prodigious feats of strength, speed and endurance.

The player’s combo bar is now equal to his total agility and quickness bonus tripled and may be used for as many rounds as their total constitution bonus.

All difficulties when using the combo bar are reduced by 20

The player may use combo bar points on the manoeuvre or attack at the end of a sequence.

Combo bar may be used in conjunction with a fate point.

Player may use half accumulated bonus if interrupted blocked or target is changed

Player loses EP equal to half CBP used

Combo Bar Speed – 5dp (requires Advanced Combo Bar)

The character may now use combo bar points to enhance his bmr on a 2 for 1 basis. This adds to a charges bonus.


3 thoughts on “Combo Bar Talent (Draft)

    1. Of course… sorry. Been out of HARP for a while… a long while… I’ve been looking at HARP SF though, its nice.

      By the way, there’s an interesting discussion on the harp forum about making spell casting require more stuff. Not sure it fits in with your view of Pentarus magic, but it’s a good idea. Also, if you noticed on the front page, I’ve discovered BRP, a nice role playing game that is different, yet oh so much more flexible and customisable than any other game I’ve come across, even HARP. Yet it lacks a bit of the high fantasy flourish and detail of HARP.
      Worth checking out.

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