Narjannast (draft)

Narjannast, the mightiest force in the north, or so they claim to be… my forefathers wanted to prove them wrong, and if I may say so myself, I think that history will agree, but I forget myself, this isnt a lecture on politics. Narjannast is an old country with proud traditions that go farther back than most people care to remember, King Erathon IX and his court rules with an iron-grip, yet justice as a rule, prevails. Nayr, the capitol, is a grand city, possibly the largest in the north, well defended and well fed. The palace and the districts north of the river are large, extravagant and well kept. South of the river on the other hand, things are more like what we are used to, practical, functional, grey and hard, sometimes worse than anything found here in Luciat. The rest of the country suffers from similar tendencies, the local lord or knight sits in his castle, well fed, well kept, whilst his hard-working people live in less than they deserve. So is it in a country where the noble and rich live off the work of the less fortunate, and especially when there are so many noblehouses, so many barons, knights and lords and ladies, strong and wilful ladies, beautiful and dangerous, more so than their counterpart

-Lord Nimael Bendheart of Luciat


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