Suddenly, after long time of hibernation a group playing in Pentarus was spontaneously formed a month ago. Two sessions have been played.

Recent updates are Narjannast, an eastern kingdom of knights in shining armour and starving serf and farmers.

Also the entry for Odan has been updated with another quote and some more information of the “three areas” of Odan, meaning south-, mid- and north-Odan. With short description of the people living in the lands of snow and ice.

More information will come on Luciat too, as soon as it has been settled into the game world through playing. the city has grown and stuff is happening with the neighbouring city-states.

New to this group is that we are playing BRP by Chaosium rather than HARP, now by GCP (formerly by ICE). The BRP tab provides information for creating characters for Pentarus with BRP. Some notes on knowledge skills and cultures (inspired by HARP – replacing cultural skills as suggested in BRP). More info will come on this, in particular more specifically on the rules option in use. Already is provided info on power level and some other stuff.

EDIT: the Machina Faction has also been tentatively tweaked and converted to BRP. Play-testing must be done, and will be done soon. Yes. Navel-less black eyed peon you’re in for a painful treat!

Until next time.


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