Diary of Willem Lafayhe

“Day one

My name is Willem Lafayhe. I’ve come from another world to find power. Or at least so it feels. The path I’ve travelled has made me cross an ocean, to reach another continent, in search of Runes of power. I currently possess one. A Rune of Fire. Or at least that is what I think it is.

Back home I have left my mother, my younger brother and my two younger sisters. I do not expect to see either of them again for many years, if I ever see them again.

I arrived at the port in Luciat, a bustling town of trade and commerce in search of these Runes. The Runes in question came into my possession when I was younger and more inexperienced. I had a very limited understanding of the things in my possession then. So I did what any other stupid teenager would do, I sold the Runes in my possession. All but one. They brought in a fair amount of money, money I used to buy a home for my family and another small place for myself. Little did I know that I had sold a fortune for no more than small change in comparison to it’s real worth. Something I found out when my small house burned down one night, and all that was left was the one Rune I had kept after the sale, to remind me of my success… Or my failure as it would prove to be.

And so it came to pass that I used most of my remaining fortune to ensure myself passage across the Broad Sea, to another continent in pursuit of the Runes I had so foolishly parted with only months earlier. And after a while I found myself in Luciat. Where I am now. I have hired the services of two local “informants”. One a wily fellow styling himself Vim, and another one a thug by the name of Pugsley. Not my choice of loyal retainers, but one got to make do with what is available.

I have followed the trail of one of the middle men in the sales of my Runes, and as improbable as it sounds, my informants have managed to dig up some information about his whereabouts.

Day two

Seems my informant was lacking on a little bit of critical information. Such as the fact that Torok, the middle man, is in fact dead. Murdered in the streets. Luciat is such an uncivilized place… And my informant almost got himself jailed over a bar brawl. I am seriously starting to doubts the benefits of this arrangement I’ve made with my two “informants”. At least they managed to scrounge up some useful information about Toroks daily whereabouts before his most untimely death. It seems the man used to live in a warehouse belonging to a merchant from afar named Genahl. As he styles himself, an exotic merchant dealing with only the rarest of trinkets, cloth and spices. So naturally I was curious about what wares he sold, in addition to what his employee might have stored in his warehouse. I think a visit is in order.

And to my surprise I found that I rather enjoyed the visit to Genahl. His selection of wares have proven invaluable. He does indeed deal with some of the most interesting amounts of rare trinkets and cloth and spices. A most curious box with ancient seals have piqued my interest, and we were able to reach an agreement about price. I have also found several scrolls with basics on learning his language, Da’Nuhn, and some scrolls retelling the story of his, compared to the savages who live here, advanced culture.

A quick search in Genahls warehouse, searching the area where Torok was supposed to live, has yielded very few substantial leads, but entirely without merit it was not. I learned that Toroks murderer, whoever he is, is in possession of at least 3 of the Runes of power. If nothing else, I am at least on the right track here.

About a week after last entry.

These past days have proven to be most interesting. I have run across two very distinguishing savages. Much more so than the inhabitants who live in this muck-ridden city.

Borgar, a savage from the far north. He seems to be a bounty hunter or perhaps a lawman from the society he comes from. He is in search of a murderer named Krais, who he has pursued from his homeland far to the north. Borgar is a most intimidating northerner, and his stature proves that the stories I’ve heard about the northerners are probably true. But he pales in comparison to the giant who travelled with him. A man of truly fearsome stature. Bran, a mountain of flesh on two legs. The fascinating thing about this though, is that Bran, more muscles than brain it would seem, is the son of a shaman from his homeland. He knows about the old powers. I must find out more. Maybe this man can lead me to even greater powers? One thing is for sure, this man is not the biceps for brains as he might appear to be.

I think it would be in my interest to help these northerns with their search for the killer they are in pursuit of. Not that I really got a choice, since Vim has made a disappearing on us, and Pugsley seems to be more than eager to abandon his contract to help with catching the killer. Most curious to find something resembling morals in a street thug.

A day after last entry.

The killer was not that difficult to apprehend and secure. But it seems that he had plenty of allies in town, and it would be wise to leave until things settle again. Annoying as it is, it seems I must now rest my investigation of my Runes of power again. And Borgar is insistent that we deliver the culprit for local justice in the land he committed his crime. Why waste the time, he is surely going to hang anyways.

Several days after last entry.

The northlands are so damned cold. So immensely cold. How can there even live people up here?

Several days after last entry.

A town, or something. A fort I’m told. Here we can rest and recuperate. and get some warm clothes. Crag Keep is the name the locals have of the place.

I have studied more of the language Da’Nuhn when possible, and it seems to be a rather simplistic language, but with lots of smaller exceptions. It’s grammar is very straight forward, but the verbs have non-standardized ways of directing time and action. Which makes it very confusing if you don’t know how it is supposed to be. So far this is the only obstacle to mastering the language as I’ve come across. It’s quite ingenious in it’s complex simplicity.

I’ve also come across a few ideas about catalysts for unleashing the powers of the Runes, from the shaman-son Bran of all people. This man is most decidedly not what he seems. Maybe I should try to see if I can get it to work.

One day after last entry.

Borgar has left us to pursue some local bandits and dispense some local justice upon the local populace. I don’t really mind, as it gives me more time to experiment.

A few hours after last entry.

Breakthrough. I can’t believe it. I finally figured something useful from my Rune. Had I not known better I would say that the thing is alive. Alive with power, although running on fumes. I must figure out how to recharge the thing. How, oh how. This is getting me more and more excited. Maybe I am finally on the verge of a breakthrough here. I can’t wait to test it out more later. And I found out that the same method I used to operate the Rune allowed me to open the chest I bought from Genahl. I believe had he known what was inside, he would have charged a higher price for the chest. Not my problem though. Most defenitely not my problem. Also a local has spilled his tounge about a place of power. Or at least so it seems from his descriptions. He claims it is not a place for mortals. It is a place with a will of it’s own and it does not like visitors. I simply must know more about this place. Perhaps I can convince the others to make the trip?

One day after last entry.

Stormy and cold. Hardly a day anyone sane would be outside. And as proof of that, I think I will remain inside today and work more on my studies. See if I can figure out some of the scrolls from Genahls box. They seem to be instructions of sorts. I am unsure of what they instruct though. I am still not fluent enough in this language to make proper sense of it all. But I will continue to study it.”

-W. Lafayhe, archaeologist.


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