Maps and stuff

I have recently acquired a copy Parallels Desktop™ which means I can install my windows copy on my mac, which again means that I can soon install Campaign Cartographer and other maps software, the existing software I have found for mac sucks big time, so luckily soon I can create a big map of Kotani, as that continent is my focus and responsibility to develop.

After this I will continue to make maps of the areas where my group run around causing heroic mayhem, mainly the city-state Luciat and Odan, in particular south-odan, and parts of the Torum mountains, the latter is more difficult to develop using these map tools, because its mainly mountians, and inbetween there are some valleys, passes, keeps and the odd lost (and mostly left behind) cities.

So hopefully I can use some of my spare time, of which there is not much this term, to create at least a continent map, if not a complete world map, as the other islands and continents are currently in someone else’s creative brain box.


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