A note on religions

Religions on Pentarus varies a lot.

As for Doran and Ameron, and the other places around on the planet, I cannot really say much about the religions specifically.

On Kotani religions are very various, and mostly “small time”… to start at the beginning. My initial ideas for this world was a world that had been through a great war, a really GREAT WAR… a war that was very much caused by religion and other types of narrow minded prejudices… this has of coursed changed somewhat, yet religion is not very central in this world, not the way I GM it anyways.

Luciat and the city states of the nort-west very much abolished religious influence on the social order and infrastructure. Partly because the pain and suffering many religions caused earlier in history. This doesn’t mean that people are not religious or worship some sort of deities, but its small time and not a very dominant factor in peoples lives, as there are more present issues that press on the peoples priorities, not necessarily good ones…

If you go further north, to Odan, and especially into the northern reaches of Odan, you find more pagan and natural religions, worshipping anthropomorphous forces of nature and the like.

Narjannast has religious aspects, but mainly used by the ruling class to subdue the lower classes, and even here it is hardly present in people’s lives. The nature and form of the religion has not been developed yet.

Quein has a religion based in a goddess, forces of nature, magic and old legends. Hardly developed, yet some is known about a magic order and an order of paladins.

Da’nuhn has mainly three religions, but the state-religion is based in the deification of the empress whose extremely long and harsh rule has shaped the order and direction of the country… not necessarily to the better, but nonetheless, its a strong and dominant religion.

Tel’saris also forces a monotheistic totalitarian religion upon its citizens.

Basically my notion is that players that want a religion can develop this themselves, with help from the GM of course if its needed. Gods themselves do not exist as such, but devis and people (like Mudagu and the God Empress of Da’nuhn) of tremendous power do exist. Nature in itself can also make itself “heard” and “known” through magic in certain areas… not necessarily as conscious beings. Magical and godlike creatures and people do exist, but they are not the beings that caused Creation into being.


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