Torum mountains and Oturmi

The Torum mountains is an enormous mountain range covering most of the northern parts of Kotani. It goes as far west as being within sight of the city state of Nuamci, as far south as the Hypparian steppes (east-north-east of Luciat) and the great forest of Cumari. As far east as the northern reaches of Narjannast and the “slim lands” and the lowlands of the Oturmi tribes.

The Torum mountains is inhabited by mountains tribes of the Oturmi in the east, some Odani mountain clans towards the north, and within the mountain range, in the deep valleys and canyons the Wanari and Ran’uhr people live in seclusion, keeping some old, hidden danger at bay. The mountains also house many old fortresses, some hidden cities and underground roads connecting various valleys with old ruined cities and keeps. Somewhere in these mountains the old city of Shar’dahn lies, hidden and forgotten, once a beacon of hope, now a desolate and monster-ridden trap. Here only the inanimate remains of Stonehewn stand and lie about, like shattered gargoyles and face-less statues of some forgotten and perverted civilization.
The great city of Corûn lies crash-landed somewhere in the highest valleys, forgotten, derelict, yet still sustaining some life and hope for an ominous future.

The Oturmi tribes in the north east is a battle-hardened and fierce people.


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