Known Threats at the Edge of the Empire

So, in addition to be working on what has become a rather comprehensive collection of ships and gear for fringers, I have also been working on a collection of imp ships, bounty hunters of the evil kind, I mean, basically the threats and opponents of the player group.

That work is going slower, mainly due to deadlines this last month and work and stuff. Excuses, excuses and excuses. Pointless.

So, my working idea now is to start to post what is already made on here, before I collect it all in a pdf after any feedback and when I consider the work “done”. First post, or posts, will come later today.  These will mainly cover starships, as that was where I started the whole conversion work so I have a few done already. I’m still trying to wrap my head around making NPCs, particularly distinguishing between minions and henchmen in a good way. Nemeses would be easier, considering that they are more or less the evil counterparts to the player group. The beta book contains a basic stormtroopers and their sergeants, which is all well and good, but I also intend to extend upon this with stormtrooper types from “Rules of Engagement” – the WEG supplement – and other sources that show differing types of troops and opponents.

I will probably not make a lot of creatures and beasts, because Cyril over at the d20radio forums (and FFG) has made some good beasties that covers a lot of good and stuff – (two links to more or less the same stuff). Additionally it should be noted that the Gaming Security Agency (GSA) also posts a lot of different stuff. They have amongst other released an unofficial species guide for those that feel the beta book has too few. They have also posted a few NPCs and potential heroes as I understand it.

My intention is to focus on what I produce for my own game, which at the moment is more oriented towards space-zombies, imperials, old CIS installations and that sort of stuff. Still, any worthwhile NPC I create will be posted in time.

If there’s any questions, comments or feedback don’t hesitate to post – although I do have moderation on because of being hit by a lot of spam earlier.


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