The ongoing campaign I’m running.

Right, so I’ve been playing this game for a while now. Started a week or two after getting my copy of the beta book – yay for slow shipping.

The group consists of:

  • “Blue” – a force sensitive human assassin, female. Born before the Clone Wars, not much history due to being a slave for most of her life.
  • Merglyn’di – human doctor, female. In her 40s, from Alderaan, ex-imperial bio-weapons researcher.
  • “Syris” – droid pilot. Androgynous personality type. Likes speed, gambling and excitement. Stores little of “personal” history in memory banks – in other words, cares little for nostalgia.
  • Jayce – human scoundrel, male. From Coruscant, left due to debt to most banks on the planet. Spends money freely, borrows excessively and doesn’t think about paying it all back. Loves his vibro-rapier, is more stupid than brave.
  • Thracken “The Kraken” – rodian gadgeteer, male. Paranoid, untrustworthy, slimy, criminal and general trouble maker. Did I say paranoid?

Few sessions have included all five players, due to family situations or shift schedules.

We started with the Crates of Krayts intro adventure, which… went well, except my paranoid players managed to mess up some of the planned events of particularly the last encounter. They got away, offed Pon and rescued their “benefactor” Sinasu.

After this they did some odd work here and there, picking up stuff and moving it. They also managed to cash in a bounty, lots of cash, without having to kill anyone, this they lied about to get better paid (yeah, I know, odd way to do it, but the doc was in charge), which then also lead to them getting an ally in the corporation that they had helped out – corporate allies are nice (as long as they don’t find out about the lie). Then they got some work from a Bothan crime lord-type named Burukut. Due to their “elegant” and efficient solution of a train-heist and some other trouble, Burukut “bought” them from Sinasu.

Their latest feats include convincing the denizens of their current hide-out to let Burukut “take charge” of the place for his operations. This took some convincing, but lucky rolls and good roleplaying, landed them some coordinates for a treasure of pre-CW Trade Federation stuff that could hopefully convince the leader of the opposition to stop making trouble. This lead them to an old Trade Federation super freighter called Starworm (yes I was basing it off a mini from Scum and Villainy to start with). Here they offed some droids and found a droid controller processor unit – plus some salvageable battledroids for a collector. This encounter almost killed the group, due to vacuum and holes in space-suits.

Last session they were to clean out the Trade Federation ship. After doing some preliminary research on the ship, having acquired a power droid to power up some life-support, they discovered that the ship had transported some “hazardous” cargo. After some more research, repairing and searching, they figured that this was why the ship was dead in space. Long story short, they suddenly had a bunch of space zombies on their hands – some old CIS bio-weapon project that didn’t go so well it seemed. These zombies were controlled by a computer unit stored on board, which took “some convincing” to shut down, a couple of grenades and a well placed shot switched it off. To “clean” the ship properly, they opened it up to space … let’s hope that did the job.

Further plot lines are the continued work for Burukut and his grand operation. Additionally the doc is trying to find out more info about her former employer and colleagues, now working on a secret project on Kashyyk. The assassin has a former “friend” which is blackmailing her due to some actions during her escape. Besides this, the assassin has recently discovered her force sensitivity, and did some research on this at some university – with the help of the doctor… now ISB is looking for them, the first investigator sent is some sector ranger – mainly due to the doctors former relationship with the empire, and she used her fake ID to acquire access to some facilities at the university. This raised the first red flag – and sent the ranger after. The second red flag was raised a few hours later, when the assassin quite openly asked about “that religious cult that used to have a large temple on the city planet, I think it is called Coruscant” to some old university professor.

This is… going to be fun.


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