Teaser from Known Threats – 7

Another starship with which to chase and harass players. It comes in different variations and configurations, I have converted from d20 sources, so I have no racks for Tie-fighter – although there should be room for about 10 on external racks, and this version has no turbo lasers.

Guardian-class Light Cruiser
Hull Type: Inter-system customs vessel
Ship Class: Guardian-class
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 1, Backup: Class 10
Navicomputer: Yes
Ship’s Complement: 16
Passenger Capacity: 6
Encumbrance Capacity: 200 metric tons
Consumables: 3 months
Cost: n/a
Silhouette: 4 (42 meters long)
Sensor Range: Medium
Speed: 3
Handling: 0
Defense (shield): 2/1
Armor: 4
Hull Integrity: 35
Strain Threshold: 20
Customization Hardpoints: 2
Two medium laser cannons
Fire Arc: Turrets
Range: Close
Damage: 6
Critical: 3

Twin medium laser cannon
Fire Arc: Front
Range: Close
Damage: 6
Critical: 3
Qualities: Linked 1

(Image from wookiedpedia.org)


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