Teaser from Known Threats – 8

So, in case your players wants to try their luck in the Corporate Sector … I mean, if they’re brave, stupid or desperate that is. The CSA deploys these as law enforcement ships, even customs some times. These babies are hard punching and dangerous. I’d flee. They also have a missile cruiser refit, but I have not done that yet, but basically I’d replace the weapons with some buffed-up version of proton torpedoes or concussion missile.

Marauder Corvette
Hull Type: Corvette
Ship Class: Marauder-class Corvette
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 19
Navicomputer: Yes
Ship’s Complement: 177
Starship/vehicle Complement: 12 Starfighters (TIEs or similar size), 2 shuttles.
Passenger Capacity: 40 (troops)
Encumbrance Capacity: 300 metric tons
Consumables: 3 months
Cost: 2,398,000
Silhouette: 5 (195 meters long)
Sensor Range: Long
Speed: 2
Handling: -1
Defense (shield): 2/1/1
Armor: 5
Hull Integrity: 45
Strain Threshold: 25
Customization Hardpoints: 2
Eight heavy double turbolaser cannons
Fire Arc: 2 front, 2 port, 2 starboard, 2 aft
Range: Long
Damage: 11
Critical: 3
Qualities: Breach 4, Slow-firing 2, linked 1

Three medium tractor beam projectors
Fire Arc: 2 front, 1 aft
Range: Short
Qualities: Tractor 4

(Image from wookiepedia.org)


3 thoughts on “Teaser from Known Threats – 8

  1. This might actually be better as a silhouette 6 ship. Depends on if one should consider the Nebulon-Bs (300 meters long) to be the lower end of silhouette 6 or the Corellian Corvettes (150 meters long) as the upper end of silhouette 5.

  2. That is a bit of a tough one… I think, because of the size and hull integrity it should remain a silhouette 5. It does have a lot of firepower, but any freighter worth its salt in going up against a ship like this might have an ECM jammer to reduce their silhouette anyways (its the first thing my PCs always try to build/scavenge/steal 🙂

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