The fringers get it

So, I’ve now gone over the catalogue for fringers. There’s still lots to do I assume, but until feedback, suggestions and commentary comes along I can do no more.

Here’s the google drive and dropbox links.

I’m now going to start on the NPC creation. Wherever that leads, I will post the first attempts here.


4 thoughts on “The fringers get it

  1. Great work on the supplement, it will be very useful until we get more official books.

    Any chance you can list the difference between this edition and the last one?

  2. Uhm. That could be a challenge.

    Basically, I’ve added the latest incarnation of my special weapon generator – see earlier post with prototype and advanced templates.

    Additionally some weapons got some minor tweaks in cost and attachments/qualities. Mostly I’ve changed prices.

    Also, all images are now supposed to be adjusted similarly, some ships have increased or decreased customisation hardpoints. It is minor stuff, but the modification of the actuating blaster module attachment are included – again.

  3. Ok, thanks. Are you due to make extra changes as I want to avoid printing out numerous copies. So, basically can you flag up when you have the ‘final version’ as I can see my group using it a lot.

  4. If there is ever a “final version” it will be posted as such. My aim was to have a 2.0 version done by new years, but that seems challenging now, as more stuff is added and made as I’ve now started on the Known Threats.

    Although I think that I have covered most of the stuff I need for now. There might be more additions to the starship section, particularly the starship attachments sections as work moves along. I can try to list the changes for future updates – particular new additions, like I did with the latest 1.9.8.c version. Also, Known Threats 0.9 should be up-coming soon, more NPCs, perhaps a few new ships, and particularly new gear.

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