… but Life Day had more in store.

So, after the initial army troopers, and no need for making naval troopers (they’re already in EotE), I decided that the special mission troopers from Rules of Engagement (WEG) could be posted too … as always this is untested, done with some consideration, but my experience with making NPCs in general, and in particular for EotE is limited at best. So suggestions are appreciated.

Imperial Army Special Mission Troopers:

Sharpshooters [Henchman]
Brawn: 2
Agility: 4
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2
Skills: Ranged (heavy) 3, Perception 2, Cool 2, Vigilance 1
Talents: Lethal Blow 1
Soak/Defence: 3 / 1
Thresholds: Wounds: 12
Abilities: None
Equipment: BlasTech E-11 (with unmodified Targeting Scope attachment [FTBC:8] – alternately a Blaster Rifle with Teleoptical Sights from EotE), Armoured Clothing, extra reload, utility belt, survival gear, electrobinoculars.

Engineers [Henchman]
Agility: 2
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2
Skills: Mechanics 2, Computer 2, Skullduggery 2, Ranged (light) 1
Talents: Gearhead 1
Soak/Defence: 3/1
Thresholds: 12
Abilities: None
Equipment: Armoured clothing, utility belt, Tool Kit, Outlaw Tech Data Breaker, Imperial Munitions/SoroSuub SC-4 (FTBC:6) OR Blaster Pistol (EotE).

In case you wonder, FTBC is a reference to the Free-traders and Bootleggers’ Catalogue.


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