All it takes is some down-time.

So, I promised … well, I didn’t promise, but I hastily announced the “final version” of FTBC earlier.


While working on the new document I realised that I had to generate some new equipment… new attachments particularly. Now these will be included in the 1.9.8c release of FTBC some time … soon. I’ve been working my way through the imperials threats in Rules of Engagement – the old WEG supplement (one of my all time favourites). Now, the new weapons (and armours) I generate will not appear in FTBC, as these are imperial weapons only. Although some weapons (suggestions) in Known Threats for the imperial troops have already appeared in FTBC – for now I only reference them (exact page numbers not included as that document is growing slightly). I might include them in KT later. The attachments I generate are put into FTBC, but for now not in the NPC document, but … details. Anyways. In a few days I might have a NPC document of imperials for you to enjoy. Perhaps even for Christmas (whenever you celebrate it … 24th or 25th). So, basically tomorrow evening perhaps.

New attachments include: Body glove, Stealth reflec polymer, Submersible seals, Radiation sealing, some clarifications and suggestions for integrating equipment in armour and yeah. More stuff basically.


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