About micro tractor beams…

Right, so a few starships in the Known Threats supplement have this defensive system, attachment if you will, that is called “micro tractor beam projector”. The conversion of those starships were performed by jedimerc and he did a good job – I powered them down slightly for my supplement, but that was more due to wanting stock versions. This attachment was not stated out or explained in Known Threats, not really intentionally, but it just turned out that way.

Now the initial idea of jedimerc for this attachment was to decrease handling of the target ship, which a good idea – although it was implemented in a round about way. After asking about this, getting more of an understanding of his intention, I came up with this idea. Basically the micro tractor beams are not meant to catch and hold starships, but rather “push them” into the firing line, at least that was my understanding.

So here’s a suggested attachment with a modification option. It does perhaps make it less usable for other uses than dogfights, but its a start anyway:

Micro Tractor Beam
The ship is fitted with a series of small tractor beam projectors that assists the pilot when in dogfights. Can only be attached on starfighters; silhouette 3.
Basic Modification: Increase Manoeuvrability (+1 Boost die to pilot when attempting “Gaining Advantage”) Mod.
Modification Options: Improve Manoeuvrability (Upgrade Pilot check once when attempting “Gaining Advantage”) Mod – this is in addition to the basic boost mod.
Hardpoints Cost: 1
Cost: 3,500
Rarity: 7, R

Suggestions, commentary and completely other ideas for how this should work is appreciated.


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