Starship attachment tweaks

There are not many new starship attachments in my home-brewed manuals. Two of these, the manoeuvring jets and the targeting jammer needs some adjustment, if not mechanically, then in price. Both of these will in up-coming version of FTBC and KT have adjusted price which is dependant upon starship size. This mean their base price is slightly reduced, but this should be multiplied with the vehicle’s silhouette.

My rationale for this is that a targeting jammer for a larger ship needs more power, more juice and parts so to speak to affect bulkier and larger vessels. I’ toying with the idea of requiring more HPs the larger the ship is, but I’m not sure about that. The same goes for the manoeuvring jets, bulkier and larger ships needs more jets, more juice and more “emplacements” thus more pricey. Here too the idea of requiring more HPs for larger ships is being considered, but I’m uncertain. For both I’d suggest something like 1 HP for vehicles silhouette 3-4, 2 HP for 5-6, 3 for 7+ – although this is just from the top of my head and should perhaps be adjusted. I’m not implementing that change yet though.

I’m also wondering if sometimes modification options should require more HPs – particularly for the Manoeuvring Jets, I could perhaps upgrade its HP cost, but I think that would be too expensive perhaps. The Targeting Jammer has built-in drawbacks which I think balances this. I’ve also added a manoeuvre cost to the activation of the Targeting Jammer.

So here are changed versions of the above starship attachments:

Manoeuvring Jets
The ship receives additional retro-thrusters and manoeuvring jets for better handling.
Basic Modification: Increase Handling (+1) Mod.
Modification Options: 0-2 Increase Handling (+1) Mod, 0-2 Automated-manoeuvring jets (Remove 1 setback die due to environmental situation) Mod.
Hardpoints Cost: 1
Cost: 1,500 x Silhouette
Rarity: 6

Targeting Jammer
The ship is equipped with a jamming array that makes it harder for opponents to target the ship. To activate this attachment requires a manoeuvre.
Basic Modification: Targeting Jammer: when active, upgrades the difficulty to be hit once. Using sensors when jammer is active suffers 1 setback die.
Modification Options: Targeting Scrambler: when active increase difficulty to be hit by one die, in addition to base mod. This upgrade is quite extensive and make any maintenance and repair attempts suffer 2 setback dice, using sensors now suffer 2 setback dice.
Hardpoint Cost: 1
Cost: 2,500 x Silhouette
Rarity: 7, R

As always suggestions, commentary and feedback is appreciated!


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