Bows and arrows…

There’s a discussion on the d20radio forums on bows in EotE.

Various good reasons for different takes on how these babies should work in the Star Wars universe.

I present three suggested versions – one archaic, one simple and one modern. The simple bow is what contemporary earthlings would call modern or compound bows. Modern is say Clone Wars to Rebellion era energy bows.

A note on skills: For the classic eras I’d say that archaic and simple bows require a different skill from ranged light or heavy altogether. The weapon is rare and requires a different set of skills, arguably at least. In comes the Bow skill. This is simply a skill based on agility and for use with bows. If you’ve decided to set your game in the Dawn of the Jedi era or on similarly “backwards” planets and the like, you might rule that bows come in under ranged (heavy) skill rather than use a new skill. Arguably the more modern energy bows could be used with ranged (heavy), but could also require the Bow skill. This is a bit up to the GM, just keep in mind that this type of bow is arguably less dependant upon strength for damage.

I have to give credit to these d20radio forum users in particular: ZRissa, Awaypturwpn, Donovan Morningfire and Cyril.

Archaic/primitive bow (ewoks and other hunter gatherer tech-level cultures)
Skill: Bow (agility)/ranged (heavy)
Damage: +2
Range: Medium
Critical: 4
Encumbrance: 2
Hardpoints: n/a
Special Qualities: Pierce 1, Cumbersome 2

Simple bow (i.e. modern/compound bow and arrow)
Skill: Bow (agility)/ranged (heavy)
Damage: +3
Range: Medium
Critical: 4
Encumbrance: 2
Hardpoints: 1
Special Qualities: Pierce 2, Cumbersome 3

Modern bow (i.e. energy strings and witches of Dathomir types of bows [as per the clone wars series])
Skill: Ranged (heavy)
Damage: 6
Range: Long
Critical: 4
Encumbrance: 2
Hardpoints: 2
Special Qualities: Pierce 2


After some consideration I’ve added 1 HP to the simple bow (i.e. compound bow) and upped the energy/modern bows’ HPs by 1. This is because I’m of the opinion that these types of bows should be able to have targeting monoculars attached for better aim. I’ve also upped the modern bow’s range to long to give it further superiority over other bows.


2 thoughts on “Bows and arrows…

  1. For those that want even more out of these babies, add accuracy 1 to the modern bow, and inaccuracy 1 (from the free-traders and bootleggers’ catalogue) to the archaic bow – also if doing this, the archaic bow could get a pierce 2 rather than 1 perhaps.

  2. I’m yet again updating the fringers supplement, and while doing that I’ve divided these three bow types into four. The archaic now has a short bow and a long bow version too. See the upcoming update for further info.

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