Customisation hard points, attachments and tinkering

Right, your mechanic is self-absorbed and not able to share his tinkering talent with you – fair enough, s/he needs some advantage for spending so much time in overalls, grease, lubricants and oil. Although that s/he cannot at least add it to the ship is only hurtful and mean. – No, I’m not suggesting letting that talent be permanent and apply outside the limitations put into by the game design crew. I might like house rules and tweaking systems, but that limitation – while irritating, does to a certain extent make sense, at least as much as spare clip and hidden storage… anyways.

The book comes with some attachments, nice attachments, some needed attachments. As some of you might know, I’ve made a few myself to add to this body of available modifications of starships. I’ve also forgotten to add one which I thought of the first time I looked through the starship chapter – improved sensors, there’s no improved sensor attachment by default. Disappointing, yet you only need to tweak the subspace transceiver attachment really, better yet add the subspace transceiver as a modification option to the Improved Sensor Array attachment (yet to be written).

As some of you might know I have a love for starships, I like to stat them out, modify them and make unique starships to attack my players with – at least I used to do this a lot, been little of it in the EotE sessions. Recently I was approached by someone who wanted help with designing a unique starship for an article he was writing – a sort of NPCs on Demand I guess, a rogues gallery I think he called it. Naturally I agreed. Now, making ships isn’t really an art form in this system. The relevant variables doesn’t really have that many different potential values, and when looking at the existing ships in the beta you have some guidelines to follow. The danger with this is that you end up making only variants of the YT-1300 or some other ship you base yourself on. Still, there’s room for particularity, especially with the ship he asked me to stat out – which only appears in a computer game for kids and some visual guide thing for episode I. The general stats were easy, although I’m still not certain about the silhouette I gave it. Also, encumbrance is a bitch – I have found no good way of converting tonnage to encumbrance. Although it seems for most starships at silhouette 4 its a bit more than the tonnage, sometimes quite a bit more (YT-1300’s tonnage is multiplied by 1.65, while Ghtroc 720 is multiplied by approximately 1,85 after beta update), others just a fraction. Silhouette 3 seems to be not equivalent, but closer in some cases – the Storm IV Cloud Car can carry less in encumbrance, but their storage capacity on wookieepedia is 10 kilograms. Silhouette 5 is odd, the Mobquet medium freighter carry an equivalent encumbrance value to tonnage (according to wookieepedia), but basically it seems that some silhouette 5 also can carry a lot less, by which I mean that their encumbrance, particularly the Action VI is about 11% of the tonnage listed on wookieepedia, which I assume correlates with OCR/RCR and SE tonnage.

This was not to be a long winded post on encumbrance and conversion, but it turned out to be, I guess its only natural when I have other pressing matters to attend to.

What I had intended to post – here it comes – is a way to increase customisation hard points at the expense of encumbrance (and cash of course). SE had a system for this, so its inspired by that. It’s obvious to me that different sized ships would have different conversion rates and varying prices,  larger sized ship needs bigger generators, longer cables and have to give up space for that – a lot more space I’d say to make it a viable customisation hard point. Smaller ships could also be more expensive than the “average” silhouette 4 and 5 ships, but I have not taken that into account here.

My suggestion is as follows:
Silhouette 3 = 10 encumbrance for 1 HP, Cost 12,500
Silhouette 4 = 25 encumbrance for 1 HP, Cost 25,000
Silhouette 5 = 75 encumbrance for 1 HP, Cost 50,000
Silhouette 6 = 100 encumbrance for 1 HP, Cost 100,000

I’d be willing to increase S4 and S5 coonversions by another 5 or even 10 encumbrance so to make it not only pricey in cash, but even more so in sacrificing cargo space, to discourage abuse of the system. For S6 (and above – we have no 7 as of yet I think) the conversion cost could easily be doubled to 200 enc for 1 HP. Credits price is fine though, I think.


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