The dice pool system

Jay Little, lead designer of Edge of the Empire has recently written an article on the dice pool system of EotE, which in turn was published on the GSA site.

Mr. Little gives a broad overview of the system, the ideology and desire behind it and how the system differs from the more conventional systems that we all know and love. He goes into some detail on the notion of the various axes of success, advantages or setbacks, and in the end the critical consequences. It’s not heavy on the mathematics (although its mentioned and alluded to) – its basically an overview and introductory text on how one can think of and design game systems and dice mechanics.

The system has merits, no doubt there, and the article is – obviously – a plug for its merits and little attention is paid to anything else. I enjoyed the read, its easy language and no great concepts or complexes are constructed for the reader to grasp with. In other words its accessible and nerdy *grin*

So, if you haven’t get over there and read: Nerd Numbers: Terminal Outcomes


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