Free-traders and bootleggers’ catalogue receives an update

So, I’ve updated the catalogue.

A detailed list of changes is impossible, but I can list some of them:

  • Ships now have the cargo capacity listed as encumbrance – be warned, these values are eye balled and based on an assumption of a 1.65 to 1.85 multiplier for tonnage to encumbrance conversion – for the silhouette 4 starship, silhouette 5+ seems to have a more 1 for 1 conversion, so I’ve tried to stay true to that.
  • New attachment(s).
  • A new ship or two.
  • Some new weapons – here also prices and the like has been adjusted.
  • Armour – some have had prices and special qualities adjusted.
  • Lots of minor aesthetic changes has been made, some tables moved around.
  • I’ve made some tentative guidelines for house rules concerning adding hard points and storing stuff on your ship in boxes, rather than thrown about randomly. This is partly due to the encumbrance systems confusing nature.
  • More generic gear.
  • Weapons attachments has received some adjustment in prices and the like. I think there’s one or two new ones there too.
  • There might also be other adjustments that I’ve forgotten – and some of the above might have been part of the previous update.

I’m still in need for play-tested feedback and ideas, even suggestions for missing stuff.


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