The Free-traders and freebooters’ catalogue has received another update.

New for this version is 4 or 5 new ships, a new starship attachment and holsters. The two latter are untested (as always); the attachment is hard to get and lets larger starships perform better in combat – at a cost. The holster idea is perhaps not needed, as utility belts could easily perform as a gunbelt. Anyway, I made some new test versions, the first is a normal holster for attaching on a utility belt (basically increasing the utility belt’s encumbrance bonus by 1 – for weapon only), not anything fancy, yet perhaps useful – I have not considered the ramifications of this encumbrance increase very closely, so feedback is appreciated. The two last one are the concealed holster and the quick-draw holster. The concealed holster is your typical agent holsters, underneath the jacket on your chest, or on the small of the back type of thing – perhaps even in your boot. The quick-draw holster lets you draw your weapon as an incidental, but holstering still requires a manoeuvre.

Two ships have been removed from the catalogue – and have been relocated into the Known Threats catalogue, for more or less obvious reasons.

Furthermore I have added some more swoops and speeder bikes. I have intentions about making some cargo skiffs and speeder trucks too in time, but for now that’s on the wall of stuff to do.


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