Changes and stuff for the final version of the Free-traders and Freebooters’ Catalogue

So, I’m in the process of finalising the catalogue.

From the FFG forums I’ve been suggested to reintroduce the tonnage – for those groups that prefer this measurement to the encumbrance values introduced by FFG. This will be done – but it’s not done yet. There will be discrepancies here in case anyone wondered if I found the golden formula for tons to encumbrance conversion.

Furthermore I’m adjusting some ships even more – mainly small changes, tips and suggestions are appreciated!

I’m also considering changing some attachments – for one I’m keen on giving the Beskar’gam bonding for melee weapons the modification option to add the Serrated quality – I’ve also been toying with this as a possible addition to the durasteel bonding attachment. I feel it doesn’t fit the monomolecular edge attachment, but please tell me if you disagree.

Any further changes will partly be up to the community to provide me with, plus additional material desired for this catalogue.

I’m also going through some editing changes to make it better layout wise. It was suggested on the FFG forums that ships shouldn’t go over more than one page – which means 2 or 3 ships per page, plus more blanks. I’m fine with that. Any other suggestions? More images? a background/backdrop for the pages?


One thought on “Changes and stuff for the final version of the Free-traders and Freebooters’ Catalogue

  1. Feel free to look in my Star Wars Artists’ Guild gallery for stuff you can use to fill in the blank spaces. It’s what it’s for! Link attached.

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