It seems, from some feedback at long last, that a larger revision is in order. So version 2.0 – when it arrives – will be drastically changed.

First off I’m removing the individual ranged weapons section – that is blaster pistols, carbines and rifles and so on, with a few exception of course – two blasters remain (I think) – for those that appreciated this section I can produce a stand alone pdf for the weapons only in case you want me to, comment here or somewhere you know I frequent.
For the rest of the new stuff, dart pistols, wrist weapons and so on, I’m keeping some of that, but renamed to be more generic, removing doubles or unnecessary versions. For melee weapons I’m keeping a bit more (for the time being), mostly the new weapons, stun weapons are removed.
All slugthrower pistols are considered to have 1 HP with this supplement, rifles 2. So they can benefit from the silencer attachment and/or targeting scope.

I’ve already added two new armour attachments, tweaked some others – both armour and weapon attachments.

I’m also seriously considering removing the Reach quality after someone finally realised it was there and poorly thought out. I have some ideas of how to make it work – but I’m not really that keen on the idea anymore.

After a very good suggestion from Donovan Morningfire over on the d20radio forums (that needed some time in my head – like an hour or so) the Serrated quality has been changed to provide +1 damage per 2 advantages spent in this manner. I also toyed with the idea of doubling the weapon’s own damage bonus on 2 or 3 advantages – so a combat knife would become +2 instead of +1 when 2 (or 3) advantages is rolled and spent to increase damage. This becomes a serious issue with the vibro-axe, it becomes +6 then, which is a bit much – if the vibro-axe is bladed enough to gain the benefit of Serrated that is. Furthermore with the other melee weapon attachments I’ve made this also would make melee weapons very dangerous with this quality, beyond the dangerous I’d like to produce. Please come with suggestions.

The armour section has been thinned somewhat, but I’ve kept some of the stuff that has mechanical benefits in some way or another – beyond soak and defence variances. The camo armour is gone – you can probably get that cheaper yourself by buying the attachment.

The starship section is the one that is mostly left alone – nothing will be removed, but perhaps added? I’ve also received a suggestion about listing the ships after type; starfighter, transport, capital – and then alphabetically under those headings. I might do that, but I must admit that I prefer my own take on it, listing them by manufacturer, and alphabetically. Most of them are transports – I think there’s like one starfighter type ship in there, or three, and a few capital-like ships; the consular cruisers. Still these are less capital, only larger transports.

For now this seems to be where its going. This will also be done in the Known Threats supplement, the new individual weapons there will be kept – if they offer a new “generic” type that is. The NPCs and the specific stormtrooper armour stuff will be simplified – sine these armours are basically laminate with optical enhancement suite and some other attachment depending on type.


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