Recap – the end of the first chapter, or to stay true: Episode 1?

I’ve run this group since, well, late September-ish last year? Not sure, I started a week or three after I got my hands on the beta-book. Most of the players I’ve run Star Wars with before, but that is a few years back.

The group has over these months run the intro adventure in the beta-book; went well and I’d forgotten how inventive and impulsive some of those players tend to be – and how conservative and thoughtful some of the others are. It’s quite a fun thing to watch – especially the flowering of paranoia and suspicion between the players by their own hands, I don’t need to even lift a finger, except to calm things down every now and then, in a futile attempt to make things move on.

The group is made up of: Pilot droid “Cyris”, strange droid of unknown make, loves gambling, speed and to move and manipulate meatbags and organics; “Blue”, androgynous, quiet and deadly human – she’s also force sensitive, which she is starting to realise; Thracken “The Kraken”, a Rodian gagdeteer, violent, violent and paranoid; Che, the cathar cat burglar (yes we know), pacifist and mainly in it for cash and show off his abilities to … not be seen – and also has his own agenda and motivation tied to his homeworld and the organisation he is working for; Jace, rapier swining play-boy type from Coruscant, owes lots of cash (enter IBC), not so much stupid as … thoughtless? Knows no fear – so far – and over-thinks everything; “The Queen” of the lot is Merglyn-di/Ghia/Ariela/add more pseudnomys. Elderly female human, from Alderaan. Used to work within medical and biological research and development for the galactic government… now on the run, or the offensive? Uncertain, she’s paranoid, she’s out for vengance – or clean up the mess she took part in creating?

The first sessions were a bit up and down, people getting to know their characters, the galaxy, patrons and game system.

Over the weeks/months we’ve played characters have developed, concepts appeared and backstories been developed further – there is a sort of feedback-loop between my players’ generation of their own material and my material. So now we’ve come to a point where the players have started to tie their stories together (albeit not overtly or that they really know this).

Their debt to Sinasu was bought by a Bothan, an extentric and mysterious crime lord of sorts. He has tons of cash, lots of resources, but “we” know little of his motivations or goals. For him they have done some smuggling, but lately they have been acquiring old artefacts and items of curiosity – something which have had an effect on Blue, and last time Cyris got interested in the item that Che got for the Bothan.

Since the group is now complete, and has started to bond properly both in-game and out of the game, Episode 1 comes to a close. This first part has been chaotic, they’ve travelled all over the outer rim – including travel times its about a year since the Death Star was blown up (I started the game some 3 months after the Battle of Yavin). Some obligations have diminished – they’re in a place where it is about 15% chance of not having an obligation activated, which is good?

They have been rumaging around shadow town on Nar Shaddaa, gone to the minos cluster to do a train job, and smuggled anti-imperial propaganda to Malastare, discovered an old (priceless) relic of the Clone Wars which they sort of gave to their benefactor, but also making a tidy profit off some of the remains inside. They’ve been set up by Tor Cordol and his lackeys as a payback for humiliating him during their first mission together for Sinasu – this lead to poisoning a bunch of bounty hunters to cause violent bodily dehydration… dysfunctions? It smelled and was very unpleasant. It also lead to Meglyn-di/Ghia discovering some old – thought lost – research that her previous employer (i.e. Empire) wants to get its hands on. Blue also had to acquire something for her handler, which they copied – and now it seems this handler has a lot of agendas going about… They’ve had to, in intricate ways, save Cordol from Sinasu, blaming Naoko and dodging Death Watch mercenaries (more like slaughtering them by ramming speeders into them, but hey) – pump Cordol for information and then deliver him to the mysterious people that have a hold on Thracken.

Episode 2 will take them further into the underworld, farther out of the known regions than they’ve been before. They will discover old and forgotten legends, realise their heritage and origin – their legacies. They will discover sinister plots to control the galactic populace, to destabilise whole sectors, plots to overthrow lords of the underworld, even whole planets. All the while having to dodge and balance on a vibro-rapiers edge – not to get caught by pursuers, not to be noticed by targets, not to draw too much attention – and most importantly of all, not let the Bothan know what they’re doing. (I have yet to find a good name for the second episode – whereas the first didn’t have a name, the second should – unless it was a “prelude” and episode 1 is what we’re starting now… help?).


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