Another version and some updates…

EDIT: It has been re-uploaded due to some editing issues I did not catch, but was luckily pointed out by someone on the FFG forums.

So, the catalogue is in the process of being finalised.

I’ve been redoing a lot of encumbrance values – due to adding the metric tonnage for those that prefer that value. I’ve also adjusted armour values.

The YZ-775 no longer has a turbolaser – even if the description on wookiepedia and other sources says its supposed to have it. This is mainly due to my desire to let the ship be silhouette 4 – and turbolasers requires silhouette 5. Of course one could rule that as a guideline more than strict rule… but this I guess is a bit up to each group and GM. From episode 5 of the Order 66 podcast it seems clear that silhouette is no clear cut size category the way d20 had. There are some benefits from silhouette 4 that I’d like the YZ-775 (and YZ-900) to have, the light turbolaser cannon on the other hand isn’t included in that – and becomes excluded if I define them as silhouette 4 and not 5.

The J-Type star skiff has received an attachment as part of its stock configuration – the electronic countermeasures suite as per wookiepedia description.

Other ships has also received modifications on encumbrance – and I’ve redone some silhouettes again. I’m trying to keep most at silhouette 4, since this is the ideal smuggler silhouette really. Although some ships are borderline silhouette 5s – like the YZ’, the Mantaris-class, YV-666, Maka-Eekai, Wayfarer, TL-1800 (with its external cargo pods)… I’ve made them all silhouette 4 – although the TL-1800 counts as silhouette 5 for targeting purposes if it has external cargo pods loaded – but feel free to change this.

This next update is not the final version, even if that was my wish and intention. There is still some stuff in there that I’d like to get some feedback on. Like what I’ve been discussing above. Particularly I’d like some thoughts on the new equipment/gear section – its a lot smaller than the previous versions, so it shouldn’t be that much to go through.

See the new updates here.


One thought on “Another version and some updates…

  1. Love the latest version! It’s much cleaner and in my opinion fits more with the spirits of the EotE rules regarding crunchiness level. Your previous attempts where a joy to read but to clunky to use quickly in creating NPCs (which in my sense is one of the great things about EotE).

    Only have one question after a really quick pass on the weapon/armor section (read all this late). Do the benefits from datachips stack? In other words, does a large archive remove 1 setback, give a boost dice, and upgrade the ability once or just the later?

    GM Locksathy

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