Other eras: The Old Republic – part 1: How?

Edge of the Empire is meant as a fringe game – as is known to anyone who has tested it or read about it. There are no official Jedi careers or specialisations. The specific era of the game is the classic rebellion era of the original trilogy, but I propose (and I’m not the first) that this game can easily be lent to other eras, as long as the focus is still fringe style games.

In this post I’ll provide some information as to how to go about this, and future posts will include more era-specific gear and vehicles. I hope.

Generally speaking there isn’t much that needs to be done, at all. The careers as is can work perfectly well in the TOR era. Weapons and gear too – perhaps with some changes, additions and whatnot, but generally I’d say that all you need is to read up on and immerse yourself in the TOR era stories – be it the BioWare games (KOTOR, KOTOR2 and SWTOR) or Star Wars novels from this era, I think there’s about 3 or 4 out now, if not more. There is also the Dark Horse comic books, from mid/late-1990s and onwards – some of these are really good, while others are mediocre. What is common in all these sources is the focus on Jedi (and Sith) – there are other characters and you do see other elements of the galactic society worth investigating, but let us be honest: it’s a Jedi-centric era.

Since EotE doesn’t let you play a “full-fledged” Jedi in the current system, this could mean that players will feel they get less out of this era. I think that this doesn’t need to be the case. If your players wants to play force sensitives you always have the Force Sensitive Exile specialisation. While not a Jedi, it could be used to let the players come from a different Force Tradition – Matukai, Zeishon Sha, the Voss or others. A good story could make this as fun, if not more fun, than playing glow stick toting hippies in monk robes. Yet, it is a known fact that some players desire the glow stick, desire the Jediness – even if they play half-ass paladin types and mainly want to maim and be flashy.

I’m not going to delve into the requirements of playing a Jedi, different game groups and GMs have different standards and requirements for this. Although I cannot find it now, I know there is (or was) a good article on this online, older RPG sourcebooks and the Star Wars Gamer magazines (for OCR/RCR d20 editions) also supplies information on this. Now, if one or more players are dead set on playing Jedi, nothing else, they want to be Jedi! Then here’s what you do: whack them over the head until they submit! Or, you can jump on over to the d20 radio forum and look around there for some insight. For your convenience I’ve already looked up two variations on the Jedi produced there. The first is conjured by Awaypturwpn and contain three specialisations you’ll recognise from KOTOR and SWTOR. The second has these same specialisations, but DarthGM has a different approach and blogs about it here, I link to the first blog post, there’s like 4 or 6 now on Jedi, design and stats. I have not play-tested any of these, but they seem good and usable – but also subject to change and adjustment. Also, I’m fairly certain there’s a third version on the way by esteemed conjurer of rpg goodness Donovan Morningfire – although nothing has been published at the GSA or on his blog yet.

So if you intend to, or want to play the new Star Wars roleplaying game in a different era I plan to show you how that can be done… at least an approach to how to do it. It will entail conjuring rules yourself, gear, species and critters, even vehicles (although I intend to help in this latter part at least). The choice you stand before is how you want to do this, keep it in the spirit of the Edge of the Empire where simplicity and narration is the centre piece, or do you want granularity, details and so forth. If you opt for the latter, perhaps Saga Edition or any of the previous d20 editions would serve better – or better yet, use an entirely different rpg system (like HARP SF for instance). I cannot help you much in that regard though. This series of posts will concern an Edge of the Empire approach; which means no mods, enhancements, barrels and crystal modifications. Simple attachments, sure, but not the granularity you see in the MMO.

Images from Wookiepedia.org


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