Other eras: The Old Republic – Interlude 1

Right, so you’ve started (or already done) the research for you campaign – or character – and since this era of the Star Wars universe is as I mentioned earlier, up for grabs and your own to mould, even if you respect the films and such established “G-canon”, you decide that the character – or the group – should come from or run into a secret societies while exploring or doing jobs for some crime lord.

Now this means that you can choose Sith, Jedi or some other already established force tradition. Be it Zeison Sha, Matukai or the like. Now using these can be fun. But why not make up your own sects? The Triumph & Despair blog has this nice article on Zealots. Check it out! I just did and I realised how insanely useful this could be for random events and actions that my players cause and perform. Current favourites: Coven of the Golden Child and Congregation of the Shining Apocalypse.

That’s all for now.


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