While we’re waiting for some more…

While I’m still in the process of gathering data and starting construction to TOR-era starships – because frankly that’s the only things needed really, and I guess you could argue that its not needed even, the XS freighter could just be a YT-1300 or YT-2400 (depending on your poison) with a concussion missile launcher. Now, making stats yourself isn’t hard, but I understand and can related to time issues and uncertainties about stats being balanced and whatnot.

Over the past month or so I’ve been working on a Martial Arts specialisation – which has received some feedback and stuff over on the d20 forum, but which is in need of further tweaking. Last night I had a realisation. I’m going forward with my “advanced” specialisation idea – its not strictly mine, since others have talked about it and its an obvious thought for people used to prestige classes and the like. I’m going add a martial arts initiate specialisation as a prerequisite to the martial arts specialist specialisation. This latter is also going to be changed into more focused styles, whereas the initiate is going to be more generic and not so much new stuff.

My initial thoughts on advanced specialisation is basically only that they require a certain amount of XP spent, some talents, a certain amount of ranks in required skills. Also, these specialisation will have less talents I think, but could also have a flat XP cost to enter, rather than a cumulative cost based on number of specialisations – although I’m not sure about this yet.


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