Way of Specialisations: Martial Artist part 2 – A tentative tree of wisdom and fists for the initiate

So, as some might have noticed, the last post lists 20 talents – which of course would leave Dedication out of the list. We cannot have that, so therefore I dropped Brace from the list for this suggested initiate talent tree.

It’s a fairly straight forward path through it, zigzagging so there is no straight line to any of the really powerful talents. Now this list is only a tentative suggestion thrown up rather quickly. Most of the talents are pretty mundane, that is they are in the beta-book and except for one or two, they’re not that good on their own since many of them are ranked talents found in other talent trees. To me this could signify the diversity of this specialisation, how it enables breadth of character and development, but also that it cultivates and draws upon existing abilities of the initiate.

This is not part of some martial art career – as I have no desire to create that for Edge of the Empire really. It deviates a bit too much from what I consider to be the spirit of the game. Therefore this is presented as a universal specialisation. It provides the skills as mentioned in the previous part and should only be available to players/characters that have gone to some length to find a teacher or other training resource. Self-taught Martial Arts Initiates could exist, but this is (as usual) up to the individual GM.


For the next part(s) I’m trying to delve into the idea of a “prestige specialisation” or “advanced specialisation”. These will be smaller talent trees, which have requirements to XP gained, and perhaps also talents, specialisations and (most definitely) skills and ranks in these… at least that is my current musing on the matter.

These advanced specialisations will most likely come in two variations, smaller more focused ones, and larger, more diverse ones. We’ll see where I’ll start. I’m also going to introduce some new talents with these new specialisations I think, as it should be.


2 thoughts on “Way of Specialisations: Martial Artist part 2 – A tentative tree of wisdom and fists for the initiate

  1. Thinking that Disorient isn’t the way to go, since it overlaps with Brawl’s innate Disorient quality and doesn’t make any improvements to it…so it’s kind of a dead talent.

  2. Fair point, although my take on it is that it increases the already existing disorient quality of the brawl attack, if you catch my drift. Now if that would be a wrong, or bad, interpretation of it, which it might as well be, then I’d consider throw in something else, like brace, or another lethal blows perhaps.
    Basically, and this might be the next update: move dodge where disorient is, and move toughened to where dodge is now, move Confidence to Toughened place, and add lethal blows to column 1 row 2. That way lethal blows does not appear twice on the same path, but still requires some investment… although it becomes a talent you will have. Hm. Come to think of it, the current connection path ways is very, limiting. Hm.

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