The Old Republic – Part 3: Starships – XS stock light freighter


Update: I’ve added Customisation Hard Points, and adjusted the hull and strain thresholds.

So, long overdue, here is a first take on the XS stock freighter from SW:TOR.

XS stock light freighter
Hull Type:
Light freighter
Ship Class: XS
Corellian Engineering Corporation
Class 1, Backup: Class 10

Crew Complement: 1-5 (1 pilot, co-pilot, etc)
Passengers: 8
Encumbrance Capacity: 250 Enc (180
metric tons)

Consumables: 2 months
Cost: 140,000 (new), 80,000 (used)
4 (length: 88 metres; width: 101 metres;
height: 27 metres)
Sensor Range:
ce: 2/2
Hull Integrity:
System Strain: 16
Customisation Hard Points: 5
Two double medium laser cannon turrets
Fire arc: 1 dorsal mounted (all), 1 side mounted (forward, port, aft).
Range: Close
Damage: 6
Critical: 3
Qualities: Linked 1

Concussion missiles launcher
Fire arc: Forward
Range: Short
Damage: 6
Critical: 3
Qualities: Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited ammo 4, Slow-firing 1

Design notes: I’ve based it on the YT-2400 in the beta book. I made it faster and better shielded than the YT-2400, the same armour and slightly better hull and strain. Passenger capacity was a guess, but as you see the size of this light freighter – I find the length vs width measurement odd, but its what wookiepedia says, I suspect those might be switched – and the description that it can take a fairly large haul of cargo, I decided to increase the passenger capacity by two, and also slap on a larger cargo capacity. Two turrets and concussion missiles seems to be what the game and wookiepedia agrees on. I guess one could have added a proton torpedo launcher instead, but I find this to be a more sober approach, even if its still quite powerful.

When it comes to the hyperdrive multiplier I decided upon a x1 simply because the game (Star Wars The Old Republic) have short travel times and these babies are supposed to be fast. If I ran a game where someone found a ship like this in the rebellion era, and made it work, the hyperdrive would not be x1, I’d make it a x4 or x5 (perhaps x3). I guess this is up to the individual GM and group, whether hyperspace travel has improved significantly or not in the about 3000 years since the Cold War of SWTOR. So hyperdrive multiplier and backup drive should be adjusted according to how long travel times you want in the game. I’ve designed it with the war and conflict of the computer game in mind, and reflect that as best as I can. I do not think this should be a starting vessel, but again this is up to the GM. It is powerful, but then its just to scale up all the forthcoming SWTOR starships to fit this power level. Commentary and suggestions is appreciated – and if you play-test it, please tell me how that went.

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