Free-traders update… update.

I’m slowly getting to a point where the catalogue is reaching a finished, or more or less finished, shape. I’ve been re-doing some starships, mainly adjusting hull and strain thresholds, but also other stuff. Armour on most ships needs a look, and customisation hard points too.

When it comes to the new gear, I’ve been testing some weapons against my players now – devastating results. This has resulted in some adjustment to price and rarity – but also damage and qualities, not much though.

I’ve also been going over the attachments for weapons and armour. These have been changed, some quite drastically. Prices and rarity has been adjusted too, usually increased. Some attachments have received more restrictions, and some even losing modification options as my comparison with the beta book continues.

Most of the armours seems to be ok, they are not overly powerful in what stats they grant, which is a good thing. Prices and rarity here has also been adjusted, mostly increased.

The gear section has not really received any adjustments. Although – and this is a general notion – I’m not sure if I should consider upgrades better or equal to boost dice. Granted not all gear should provide any bonus – although I’d say a camo poncho in its proper environment should add something (like an upgrade) – sometimes they should remove some penalties instead, like setback dice, or downgrade difficulty or decrease it even. I’m just not sure if I’m too generous with the bonuses or not. Gear should not be a obvious go-to for pay-cash-for-talent-like-bonus. Perhaps some guidelines for lacking proper gear should be added for circumstances and tasks… hm.

I have not looked over the starship attachments yet – pointers would be nice.

Actually, if you have play-tested any of the content in the Free-traders and Freebooters’ Catalogue, please send me some feedback. You can either post here, G+, Google Drive (where the current, non-edited, catalogue can be viewed and should be opened for commentary), email me or post in the threads on the d20 or FFG forums.


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