So I’m in the process of updating the catalogue. I list a few of those done and the ones I’m doing here:

  • Added new quality: double
  • Added new attachment: doubled.
  • Adjusted attachments – I have no comprehensive list, but I’ve adjusted prices, added, subtracted or modified basic modifications, and modification options on a few attachments.
  • Adjusted the rules for dart pistols and some of the special dart ammo. Adjusted critical rating and effect.
  • Adjusted the price and power on some of the rockets for the wrist rocket system. Adjusted critical rating.
  • Adjusted CHPs on most starships.
  • Added light turbolaser to the YZ-775 again – someone has more or less convinced me that while adding a turoblaser as an attachment is one thing, stock made ships could have it even if they’re not silhouette 5.
  • Adjusted the HP cost of some attachments.

Now all I desire is input from the previous version, so that I can include that in this update.


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