The Old Republic – Part 3: Starships – D5-Mantis patrol craft


And here’s your favourite SWTOR bounty hunter starship.

D5-Mantis patrol craft
Hull Type: Patrol craft
Ship Class: Mantis
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Hyperdrive: Class 2, Backup: Class 15
Navicomputer: Yes
Crew Complement: 1-5 (1 pilot, co-pilot, etc)
Passengers: 6 (passengers/prisoners)
Encumbrance Capacity: 75 Enc (50 metric tons)
Consumables: 2 months
Cost: 290,000 (new), 160,000 (used)
Silhouette: 4 (length: 68 metres; width: 74 metres; height: 58 metres)
Sensor Range: Short
Speed: 3
Handling: 0
Defence: 1/1
Armour: 5
Hull Integrity: 24
System Strain: 17
Customisation Hard Points: 6
Heavy laser cannon
Fire arc: Forward
Range: Short
Damage: 6
Critical: 3

Double medium ion cannon
Fire arc: Front
Range: Short
Linked 1, Ion

Concussion missiles launcher
Fire arc: Forward
Range: Short
Damage: 6
Critical: 3
Qualities: Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited ammo 12, Slow-firing 1

Notes: This ship can mount silhouette 5 attachments like light turbolaser cannon and medium tractor beam, and even more medium ion cannons, due to its design to carry larger ordnance. Attaching heavier weapons costs 1 additional HP. The passenger/prisoner distribution depends on owner.

Design notes: Due to the spare info on wookiepedia – and the uniformity of the starship in the computer game (to my knowledge at least) – I decided to go a slightly different route this time. First off this ship is supposed to be able to mount larger weapons (or ammo for larger ships), therefore I let it have medium ion cannons  – and as noted above this ship is allowed to add the silhouette 5 attachments mentioned. I also gave it double the ammo for its concussion missile launcher. Due to its retractable weapon foils I decided to give it a double linked ion cannon in addition to a heavy laser cannon and the usual concussion missile launcher. The foils and the described spaces on the ship is also partly the reason for its large number customisation hard points.


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