The core book is out and summer is upon me

I got an email last night. The EotE core book is on its way. I will have it next week, Wednesday amazon says. We’ll see.

From what I have gathered there are only a few ships in my catalogue I should remove due to them appearing in the core rule book. When it comes to gear and equipment I know nothing, but will browse it all and double check and remove from my catalogue any and all duplicates – unless I favour my interpretation, like the datapads I have conjured. I prefer them to the one in the beta book anyways. We’ll see if they’ve added to that in their final book, but for some reason I don’t think they’ve added too much to datapads. So changes will happen, but to what extent I have no clue. This will in turn also happen with the Known Threats supplement.

The updated versions of the these catalogues probably won’t be along before August sometime. Why? Because a week after I receive my core book I’m off to Germany for two weeks of beer, food and sitting around being lazy and touristy with my smartphone taking pictures and making up for lost time with the Lady (it’s been a hectic semester). The second week in Germany we’ll be going to Essen, there’s a Star Wars thing on there last weekend of July, you might have heard of it. I’ll probably report in during the event at some point, just to tell you how it was to meet with Luke Skywalker, Leia and Emperor Palpatine. And how awesome the Star Wars Rebels preview was, or wasn’t.

So, a 2.0 version should happen sometime over the next two or three months. I hope. I have a masters thesis deadline next semester and I’m behind on the writing.

As always, any comments, suggestions and thoughts on changes and additions to the catalogue(s) are appreciated. This catalogue is for the community. I have received help and inspiration for most, if not all, of the content. I may be arrogant and a bastard, but I try to play nice.


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