Update progress

I have received the core rule book ahead of amazon’s plans, which means that last night I started the slow updating progress.

So far I have:

  • Tweaked some of the qualities, which includes:
    • Renaming Serrated to Barbed, so that it is not confused with the melee weapon attachment in the core book, this has also had its price changed as play-testing on my end left a lot to be wanted. Current price is 1 advantage for +1 damage.
    • Blinding has been changed to require a Vigilance check or be blinded for rounds equal to uncancelled failures.
    • Limited range and auto-fire friendly have both had their drawbacks changed to setback dice rather than upgrades.
    • I have removed Reach – as there was only one weapon with the quality and it proved troublesome to make work properly.
  • I have adjusted a lot of the weapon attachments to reflect the new attachments in the core rule book. Some has been renamed, but most remain the same.
  • I have adjusted cost and benefits from some armours; this also goes for the armour attachments:
    • Since the laminate/heavy battle armours body glove is not stated out like in the beta, I have made a 1.000 credit attachment that basically covers that, plus an advanced version.
    • The vacuum attachment in my catalogue has been tweaked.
  • I have removed starships that now appear in the core book.
    • Although I have not removed the entry for the Wayfarer medium transport, this entry now shows the statistics of the wayfarer with a Hangar module instead, so the entry only contains encumbrance capacity and vehicle complement information, everything else is as per core book. This entry also has suggestions for other modules mentioned in the original write up of the Wayfarer; transportation and sensor module. Also I have suggestions for changes to the statistics without the module.
  • I will look at the speeder entries eventually, but this is at the moment not a vital part of the document; but if you have suggestions, stats or whatever, please feel free to send them to me. Any and all contributions are credited – if you feel forgotten drop me a note, I’m not perfect.

Beyond this I haven’t added much new stuff to the catalogue. I am looking for some stats I know is around somewhere to add. If you have suggestions, comments, criticism, desires or want to contribute please feel free to comment here or message me on the various forums I frequent. Any and all contributions and comments are appreciated and welcome; as long as its starships, gear and fringe related.


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