Vacation, beer and food

I’ll be going to the airport in about 12 hours, then off to Berlin and a week of beer, food and relaxation. No work, no research project, no laptop (!!!), no rpg books… but after that week I’ll be going to Star Wars Celebration Europe II in Essen, Germany. So there will be some Star Wars (sigh of relief).

Berlin by night

Now, if you follow the GSA blog, you might have seen a short article recently on Cartol’s Emporium of Useful Things. That was meant as a teaser of sorts for the update I’m working on. I’m trying to keep it vague and generic, but also interesting so that your group and fellow players might want to visit and have a look. Either for goods and gear, entertainment or perhaps some interesting stories and adventure possibilities in between larger story arcs of your own making. To me this is a large project, and a first too, so I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing. Still. Even if the location and characters might not be to your liking, or that of your group, I hope the amount of gear, weapons, armour and vehicles will at least make up for some of that.

There might not be too many more ships, but the ones in there will be adjusted further – there has already been some dispute around silhouette choices for some ships, which is a good thing I guess, so I will seriously consider some of that more closely. I’ve also been thinking about adding some new weapons and other stuff that I feel is missing in stock versions at least, even if it can be made through customisation.

As a side note: I’m also working on an update for the Mandalorian supplement I made for the GSA; revisions and adjustments based on the new corebook amongst others. Have a good summer (you guys in the northern hemisphere) and may the winter treat you well (you guys in the southern hemisphere).


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