Post-celebration come down

So Star Wars Celebration Europe in Essen was awesome, never have I been part of such a capitalist debauchery of merchandising and self-congratulation. It was exhilarating.

I didn’t get any autographs, I mean, paying €100 for that just seems wrong to me. I did get some merchandise though, I’ve done my duty.

My duty now is really to finish a research project. I haven’t really been giving that much thought as I’ve been updating the catalogue, adding more stuff to the Emporium part of it, and today I was … challenged? Perhaps not challenged, but there seems to be some desire for original work and my old designs of starships, rather than just conversions and stuff like that. I’m not sure I have any of my old papers and designs left (I went through a “rough patch” of little rpg and star wars 10 years back while I lived in the UK), but I’ll have a look and see what has potential. This could delay the update, but then it could also improve it – and particular the Emporium part needs more to it I think.

So I’ll be posting updates once I have more stuff to post.


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