Sad news

The current update is postponed indefinitely, I’m really sorry about this but I cannot concentrate these days.

I’ve been working on the update for a while (as you might know if you read these updates), and have decided on some additions to the Emporium to make it more useful, more fleshed out and perhaps more interesting. I’ve also been thinking about rearranging the layout and adding tables, and making some sort of similar visual design stat up similar to what you find in the corebook. Grand changes and improvements, at least in my head.

Now, most of this is has not even started because about three weeks ago my father suddenly died quite unexpectedly, so as you probably can imagine things are a bit up in the air, flying about and generally being uninterested in the here and now, my brain and so on.

So, I am still doing it, but I cannot promise any real updates – not that I’m that good at keeping my promises if you’ve followed the latest updates… and also, the Age of Rebellion beta is soon out (for those of us that did not attend Gen Con that is), and with that comes some more removals from the update, perhaps a few tweaks too. Anyway, I’m not promising anything, except that it will – when the time is right – be done and posted here for your pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. Sorrt to hear about your father. Take care of family first. I will wait patiently for your updates, since I found the material so helpful.

  2. You have my full sympaties in these times of hardship. Take your time, we will wait.

    May the Force be with you and all your family, always.

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